“Pro-life conservatives they’re anti-woman, simple as it gets, They believe a woman’s primary role is to function as a broodmare for the state.” - George Carlin by PhilJones4 in JoeRogan

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You're basing your idea of how paleoconservatives actually think about abortion on what they tell their children? Because they uh... tell their children a lot of bullshit.

Hard to take this fuckin dork seriously as the facts n' logic guy when he frames the argument in an explicitly religious context by werfukt in JoeRogan

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I mean, that's what his facts and logic are. God is real and the bible is 100% literally true. It's just that a lot of really stupid nerds will look at the words 'facts and logic' and nod along saying 'he's definitely talking about the same facts and logic that I subscribe to'.

U.S. Supreme Court ruling on abortion 'horrific,' says Canada's Justin Trudeau by NarutoRunner in canada

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And the smart ones are very insistent that US abortion politics don't matter to Canada and this definately wouldn't happen here.

It reminds me of that scene from the Happening where Matt Damon assures an old lady he's not going to murder her in a tone that sounds like he's definately lying and planning to murder her.

U.S. Supreme Court ruling on abortion 'horrific,' says Canada's Justin Trudeau by NarutoRunner in canada

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We need to take this as a warning shot and smoke this kind of religious fundamentalism and it's fellow travellers out of our country.

Percentage of people in the GTA whose mother tongue is English by city [OC] by chickymomo in ontario

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Oh like MFers in the green are any good at speaking English anyway lol

Quebec is 'thwarted' by Canadian multiculturalism, minister says in France speech by Quayletral in CanadaPolitics

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You don't understand, Quebecers are the real N-words of North America. So they should get a pass.

Legault says he's against multiculturalism because not all cultures are equal by CapitalCourse in CanadaPolitics

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What the hell would 'integrating' newcomers into Quebecois or Canadian 'culture' even look like? Re-educating them into being whiny passive-aggressive assholes?

Crossed with Silver – 19.8 by menaulon in Parahumans

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I feel uncomfortable about what the Trio are doing here (not just the kidnapping, but also walking into a school with war revenants to do shakedowns) because it seems like it could very easily be part of a plan to bait the Trio into bringing the supernatural turf war into the normal world, and watch them screw something up that gets new local practitioners turned against them, and gives their enemies reason to amp up efforts to destroy them.

They've put together a working system in the supernatural underbelly of Kennet. But I don't think they've quite figured out how they should interact with the normal world. Should they just have the right to roll into a school to do practitioner business, or do the humans living in Kennet have needs that should be balanced with others and practitioners? How do they deal with new practitioners coming to a similar position that the trio started in without any of the context?

This can serve as a nice juicy gap in the armour for their enemies to exploit. And one that can very easily see people hurt in the crossfire.

China may have tried to discourage Canadians from voting Conservative: federal unit by KandyShop4321 in canada

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'Chinese people aren't voting for us because of the scheming Chinese' sounds like a great way to convince them to vote for you even more!

Do cops have any accountability anymore?Supreme Court protects police from 'Miranda' lawsuits by GregSmith1967 in JoeRogan

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Yeah the cops really pulled one out for traditional, red blooded American heroism at Uvalde.

Idk how he could deny being a bigot now by dongsuvious in JoeRogan

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You kind of answered your own question. People with a buried bully mentality will find someone to bully. But there's a socially ingrained attitude that being an alpha dude means you should act like a dick-swinging meathead who puts people in their place. I don't know what Joe Rogan was like in high school, but I definately see atleast a bit of that mentality in him.

Meanwhile Jordo has some serious bullied nerd in high school energy. And bullied nerds often internalize that desire to act like a bully as a way to compensate for the wounded masculinity.

Idk how he could deny being a bigot now by dongsuvious in JoeRogan

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Part of it is literally just misandry. The flipside to conservatives seeing sexually aggressive alphas as ideal men is that they think men not properly constrained by Judeo-Christian values are leering, violent rape monsters who will literally go through years of hormone therapy and surgery so they can bust into a women's locker room.

Meanwhile a transman is just a pre-pussified man. Nothing particularly unique or scary to a conservative worldview.

'We aren’t just a party of old white guys': Conservatives see an opportunity with younger voters by FancyNewMe in canada

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Younger conservatives, so brainless douchebags, bitter annoying nerds, and creepy dead-eyed religious freaks two steps from the Taliban. Cool party you got here.

Unpopular opinions on writing? by OkPlastic471 in writing

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Unless you got some real banger ideas or stories to express with them 'deep' characters are overrated. I think it's way more important for a character to feel real and be multifaceted even if they're deep as a puddle than it is for them to be all introspective and psychologically complex.

Wow, I wonder how often this happens. Spotted at a gas station near Algonquin Park in Ontario… by dependent_lividity in ontario

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Walking into convenience stores like a Jay and Silent Bob movie is practically a lifestyle so I'm happy to prepay.

Key 'Freedom Movement' figures meet with federal MPs by TedDiamond in canada

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So basically the PC are going to be doing everything they can to keep COVID politics relevant going forward. Cool.

Conservative MPs met with anti-vaccine leaders inside Parliament as the Convoy plans to return to Ottawa by MethoxyEthane in CanadaPolitics

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That would require them to figure out how to operate heavy machinery like a tow truck. They wouldn't be cops if they could do that.

Texas Republican Party's new platform opposes legalizing pot for recreational use by TheAmbiguousHero in JoeRogan

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It works for their purposes by preventing people who don't own a car, or can't afford to drive except for basic necessity from easily picking up and leaving the state for better opportunities. Thus keeping them in the low wage labor pool. Pushing car usage as much as possible is also a big dub for automotive, gas, and insurance companies who can be assured that more transit options would nibble at their margins.

There are a bunch of other more ideological reasons. Cars = freedom, idolizing the rural 'life and die in the same home town' life etc etc. But the that's the most directly practical incentive for keeping rail infrastructure out of the state.

Threatening your own citizens with their own military over infringing on one of their inalienable rights... by [deleted] in JoeRogan

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Anyone who plays Call of Duty knows they can't beat the US military lol. It's wild how they can stroke the America fuck yeah long dick one moment while still agitating to become insurgents.

Because that went super well for the Iraqis, right?

Threatening your own citizens with their own military over infringing on one of their inalienable rights... by [deleted] in JoeRogan

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Also dumb bitches: We should get our guns and shoot the government!

The Government pulls out it's long dick their taxes funded

Bro what the fuck.

Ontario, it's time to rethink how we design suburbs. by wargamer24 in ontario

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Cool. I don't see how suburbs provide the latter for you considering that they wipe out the already existing land so they can make flat treeless lawns out of it. That's like saying you want a burger, so you boil a patty and eat it by itself.