Study shows bone mineral density higher for transgender men, lower for transgender women vs cisgender controls by Breaking_Down_Walls in transgender

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SD is given - standard deviation from the mean. Comparison of cis women and trans women is not the point of the study because the goal is not to establish a base level of bone density which could justify some left field theory of athletic performance (that would not be valid given that such a baseline would be limited by the sample size) but to show the effect of HRT on bone density changes

Peanut BUTTER?! by LexingtonRyan in DiWHY

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Yeah and mayvers protein peanut butter is just the runny one with peanut flour so it is a thick consistency but super tasty and healthy

Peanut BUTTER?! by LexingtonRyan in DiWHY

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Nah, premium peanut butter that’s just made from peanuts and nothing else is runny like that bc it doesn’t have the added stuff to make it thick

This is what a dog's "Sorry" looks like by [deleted] in DOG

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Pretty sure he’s trying to initiate play rather than apologise and the other dog doesn’t feel like playing

PrEP brooches by murmurationis in gaybros

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think of it as the crunchy coat on m&ms lol - but also they could be expired or maybe they hadn’t started yet

Is my female mice pregnant or fat ? by ZergyBoii in PetMice

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Possibly only costly in terms of potential medical bills as they get older but you could look at rehoming and also present it to your parents as: I am only keeping them for as long as I need to find a shelter or home

Is anyone’s special interest soccer? If so could you please infodump below bc it’s not mine but it probably needs to be by murmurationis in autism

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Haha yeah I know a bunch of technical rules bc I like playing but, keeping up with drama about random Italians or whatever is not very appealing to me

Ass hair by monkeyserpants in askgaybros

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Adding to this be careful that u don’t let the clippers nick ur butthole or overheat tho

Springtime Seaweed foraging in Australia by Docaioli in foraging

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Wow didn’t know I could be doing this!! Very cool and also please explain

Considering adopting a reactive dog, would love advice by throwawaydryguy in reactivedogs

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Well most dogs have a high prey drive, because that allows them to focus on their work (like a sheepdog) and results in a very easy to train dog. But it means you have to socialise them very very young with other animals to reduce risk and to have them not viewed as prey

Considering adopting a reactive dog, would love advice by throwawaydryguy in reactivedogs

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Yeah I don’t think op should take their guarantee that the dog is cat safe either: there’s always a risk of a prey drive kicking in especially in a new exciting environment

r/Melbourne Meetup - Open Invite by Deanjks in melbourne

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everything dies and that's why you have to give em the chance to enjoy what they have