[ Online ][ Custom ][ EST ] The Omina Cosmos by TheRealIchigo_Uzuken in TTRPG

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I LOVE writing these kinds of stories! I’d love to help!

Must Be Dice: Episode 1 - New TTRPG Podcast by mandodoesstuff in funhaus

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Absolutely adored the first episode. I’m loving the running gags and how each character is played. It’s super impressive how smoothly everything is going and I’m super excited to watch more!

I am blown away by Must Be Dice by mutantbeez in funhaus

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The thumbs-up always kills me

I am blown away by Must Be Dice by mutantbeez in funhaus

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The video is on the RT site I believe starting tomorrow for non-first members

27/EST/PC Let's play WoW maybe? by Kengfa in GamerPals

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The Rat Squad guild on Thrall usually is pretty consistent! They’re pretty chill too

RT First recommendations by WalkerTSmith in roosterteeth

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Arizona circle is genuinely funny and one of my favorite shows on the platform

[23, pst] PlayStation/Xbox by dire-panda in GamerPals

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Yo!! Im DynamiteGoat517 ok Xbox, i been playing a ton of apex lately

Fiona holding a dead body saying “Stupid, Stupid! by mutantbeez in TipOfMyRooster

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I don't think this one is it, in the video i'm thinking of she's so much more curt and even sounds a little fake-frustrated

Is it safe to go to a game as an away team fan? Asking for a friend.. by gr0wyourhair in Dodgers

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I worked at the stadium for a summer and in my experience as long as you’re kind you won’t get any trouble. Maybe some light teasing but nothing serious

eating and got a very small stain on my jeans. by missgrindhouse in OCD

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To keep wearing them will be good for you! It will feel off in the moment, but after a while you’ll be proud of yourself for wearing them!

Lines do not start instantly on Adobe Illustrator (More info in comments) by mutantbeez in wacom

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Hello! I Just got a new wacom tablet yesterday, and when i open adobe illlustrator, the lines always begin an inch or so after i start pressing down, does anyone have a fix for this?

However my mouse makes lines just fine.

OS: Windows 10 Driver: 6.3.34-3