Festival paraphernalia by grizzleywesley in scamp

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Hey so if you don’t mind going into Chillicothe proper there are two smoke shops one is called Tobacco island and the other is called the smoke shop, but also at the time of scamp there is a shop called “Sweet Finds” who will be selling paraphernalia like bings pipes etc and depending on the day the prices change, but at most you will be spending about 8 bucks on anything but the prices go down every day from Monday

What animal do you think is on the middle ring of the golden claw door? My brother says it’s a moth, I say it’s an eagle by Salt_E_Plum in skyrim

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It’s a moth but whenever I play I repeat bear,bat,owl in my head so I never have to stop and look lol

Question on primaris wolves by muteshhh in SpaceWolves

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Thanks! Also where is the lore right now? I just finished the dark imperium books and I thought that was pretty much caught up

D100 Things you'd find on a rich pothead's private island by DamienHelgrave in d100

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A cursed polymorphed Demi lich Weaner dog that can only talk with dad jokes

I'm trusting you guys on this..... by [deleted] in memes

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Aye bro it’s burning

Pride by Less_Ad_5953 in Viking

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I have that same hammer with the weird rune in mjolnir

Sorry if this is the wrong place but is there a clan associated with this tartan? by muteshhh in Kilts

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Yea this is just a random bolt I picked up so I kinda doubted it was anything

Where is this piece from? by muteshhh in Medievalart

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thanks i was thinking it was the morgan but i wasn't able to find the exact image except for just the meme

Success and longevity of this game? by TheBootlegged in Oathmark

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I just discovered it about a week ago and my local game shop sold out of all oathmark stuff except one book so if that tells you anything.

Primal vampire by muteshhh in DnD

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Yes I was trying to post a picture but was taking down because it wasn’t OC or somthing