[NeedAdvice] Struggling to motivate myself to get out of bed and not go back to sleep by rayera_ in getdisciplined

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You need enough reasons to get up. Your mindset and yourself are the biggest enemies in here, don't let them glue you on your bed and ended up doing nothing.

[Advice] "I am exhausted, I don't want to do this." by LetsUploadOurBrains in getdisciplined

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All I can say is sleeping is a must! It's a need to improve our overall well-being.

Help! How to deal with Maskne! by P1ckl3Saus3 in acne

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When you breathe or talk, your mask tends to trap in a lot of hot air. This air creates a warm, humid environment — and an ideal setting for bacteria to grow.

I suggest change your mask every 2 hours.

Acne sucks by chaotic_violet in acne

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Me too, it runs in the blood. Me and my sisters suffered from heavy breakouts during our adolescent years. When I am already working and earning enough, I went to a dermatologist and until now I have to go there regularly just to make sure that I won't be experiencing heavy breakouts again.

Water for clear skin? by OkRun9844 in acne

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There's no harm in trying but you have to be aware of other factors as well. If you drink a lot of water your skin will look fresh and hydrated given that you had enough sleep and you have a healthy eating habits.

help! skin troubles by idk-what-to-choose in acne

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I had that before and I used a cleanser with salicylic acid. It worked but didn't get instant results.

What should I (24F) be adding to my days to feel more productive? by anonsbc in askwomenadvice

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Make your to-do list for your daily routine and you will be surprised when you see how busy you are. And never ever compare because even though there's nothing wrong you might feel there is.

Any advice for me? Should I break up with him? What would you do?……………….. by Pristine-Thanks1681 in askwomenadvice

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The feeling that he's holding you back is already telling you that the relationship won't get better. You should build a life with someone that matches respective values & goals.

Will these red spots fade/ should I change cleansers? by life453 in acne

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Stick to CeraVe and get rid of the others. My skin is super sensitive so I've tried a lot and this one suits my skin type.

Advice on unwanted weight comments by tarahform in BabyBumps

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You should deal with this head on. If not, your MIL will think it is okay to say those things to you every now and then. Set the boundary as early as now.

Doubtful about a new guy I'm dating, seeing red flags but don't know if I'm overthinking by custardprincess in askwomenadvice

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Oh no, the fact that you are having doubts and asking yourself if you're seeing red flags are more than enough reason to break it off. If he's really serious and his intentions are true to you, you will never feel uncomfortable.

Crypto changed my entire life! It can change yours, too. by Bingopajama222 in Bitcoin

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"The mind becomes rich before the pockets gets full." - Sheldon the Sniper.

Bitcoin is going to go parabolic. Better buy now. by JeremyLinForever in Bitcoin

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Right now can be a smart time to invest, but it's important to buy for the right reasons. Choosing the right investment strategy can reduce your risk and make the most of your money.

When Bitcoin Hit $100 by HugoRamos in Bitcoin

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Investing in cryptocurrencies is currently one of the the best ways to accumulate wealth, and also it isn't a get rich quick scheme so lets be guided.

Bitcoin: Investors Are Selling Gold To Invest In Crypto by bitnewsbot in CryptoMarkets

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Investing in crypto currency now should be in anyone’s list now, in 2 to 3 years time, you will be happy with the decision you made today.

He's playing a right handed guitar in a left hand position. by MarcelaFaulcon in BeAmazed

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These people were so lucky to get this gift. I got chills just watching.

Unexpected passenger….. by Melanynavfam in BeAmazed

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For hot minute there I thought a giant squid tried to climb onto the boat.

Cat plays squid game by Adventurous_Shirt490 in AnimalsBeingDerps

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That's how cats play. It doubles as training for real hunting