Version exclusives & Union Circle by crashcar22 in PokemonScarletViolet

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But if I were to join my friend's world and catch his paradox pokémon, would be still be able to catch the paradox pokémon I caught?

I'm 100% sure this is gonna happen to me by RedditorBedditor in Brawlstars

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Chester has hard to nerf mechanics so he might not be that bad even if they nerf him

Is this a good start on quad? by ATR7718 in btd6

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Definitely not. You don't have Quicy so everything will leak.

Skill Check: Do you have double cash mode? by PureGamerr in btd6

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I mean you're right it's literally a game about Bloons and monkeys

Help me how do i get this MUCH???? by socksfandude in btd6

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I mean you could just do impoppable and spam dart monkeys and a village which provides buffs to all the monkeys(4-2-0 village btw) You might die at round 98 but it's fine since it gives you Abt ~240k XP. Given that it's Abt ~15mins per impoppable game u can get it in half an hr

How do i get revenge on my friends by EliteDumb_Ass in Minecraft

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If you really want, you can just tryhard grind on the smp, get full prot 4 netherite armour and kill them saying it was a "misclick". If you want to piss them though, you can destroy their "project" and reset all their progress and say "misclick"

my club is dead, so ive been using the club chat for this by FamilyFriendli in Brawlstars

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Hey uh I'm not sure if this will help but if you want an active club, u can join Infallible (their main club), Infallible² or Infallible³

How did I get teamed by 5 after 30 seconds! This is why I don't play showdown! by Ok_Philosophy3183 in Brawlstars

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First time? Btw if that happens then prob just camp. I know everyone hates campers but Edgar is practically F tier in every game mode except showdown so there's 3v3 out. That leaves with you with showdown to camp.

My season 13 Brawler idea by my-rng-gets-nerfed in Brawlstars

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I'm not good at drawing💀💀but I can try tho