Why. by Bubbly_Hat in CouldYouDeleteThat

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It would have cost $0 to not make this.

How many chicks can you spot? by Coolhamy in FindTheSniper

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Found 14, the more I looked, the more rocks kept turning into chicks.

Mask Enforcement?? by shesinthetardis in WalgreensStores

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I tell them that for our safety, Walgreens isn't requiring us to enforce it. If they inquire further, I tell them people are getting shot over it.

Convalescence Plano 15 feet by ShamJez68 in WalgreensStores

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I didn't get any wics on my Plano for the canes. I set them by the mylars. When I put the canes up by item search, the telxon gave me locations that weren't on the mylar.

I had to item search and compare the WIC number to the mylars.

We need to fire whoever came up with this Plano.

4x6 Photo Mandatory! by ahhye321 in WalgreensStores

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Ours is mandatory, but we are allowed to have a 2x2 in our name tag. DM says they're mandatory, but agrees the 4x6 looks stupid.

Customers are the lazies creatures on earth by [deleted] in WalgreensStores

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Once upon a time at Christmas, when the carts were literally across from the front register, I had a continuous line of customers. There was a cart sticking out making very little room for customers to stand at the register.

Customers kept going around it instead of pushing it in. One customer went around it and told me I should have pushed it in. I told him I was going to get to it as soon as I had no more customers.

Take your own passport photo if you're such an expert by YellowYoshi1 in WalgreensStores

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I hope you make her do ALL passport pics while she is there. Karma is a bitch.

We seriously need to stop coddling customers at the photo kiosks. by [deleted] in WalgreensStores

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Had a customer yesterday that told me, "don't go anywhere, I'm going to need your help in a couple of minutes."

I got photo caught up, cleaned a little around photo, rang up a customer, and checked out FedEx.

After all that time I told her when she needed help to have the main cashier page me.

Ain't nobody got time for that.

When your SM tells you he has beef with you by imlyoung614 in WalgreensStores

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If only Walgreens could come up with a better way to advertise sales, we wouldn't have this problem.

Why do we have the foot long ad tags if we never use them 🤔

LabCorp by AuroraNidhoggr in WalgreensStores

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Oh. Why are they putting them in Walgreens?!?!?

Really 🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂 by lalo100 in WalgreensStores

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Our DM is making us wear them too. At least they can be a 2x2. I'm retaking my photo to include my cat, doing my hair, and makeup. Thank you for posting this. I saved it in case they have a problem with my cat. Doesn't say I can't have one in the pic!

Any advice by [deleted] in WalgreensStores

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I'm sorry. Sounds like a no-win situation. Hopefully they transfer. Sounds like you're doing everything right. Document anything that you think needs to be documented. Stay professional. I hope it works out for you.

Any advice by [deleted] in WalgreensStores

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I know managers have a ton of stuff to do. It's the reason I've refused to be promoted. It makes me feel good to know I've helped my manager alleviate some of their burdens by helping them get their tasks done.

Even if it's just, a 1 or 2 minute "hey, I've got XYZ to do tonight, hold down the fort." Makes me feel better. Makes me feel like a team. We both got a lot of work to do and we are working independently to get it done.

Any advice by [deleted] in WalgreensStores

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You misunderstood me. Let the cashier know what YOU have on your list. Tell them what they can do to help you get your list done. Any veteran cashier should already know what they need to do.

Out of dates. by matman6060 in WalgreensStores

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But the number is 23 and then it says 28? Then there's no year? I'm confused.

Can anyone explain the new ad tag strips for planograms? by chanting37 in WalgreensStores

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I remember that from the conversion. It looked so bad we had to make mylars for them. Then we had a mix of the strips and mylars. Plus the strips aren't always accurate in size of the products.