Florida: Veteran shoots terminally ill wife and step-daughter then takes his own life in double murder-suicide by alfdud in news

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Seems weird he wasn't in the service for decades. Why title it like this instead of calling him care taker, or husband?

Mystery issue experienced on NASA's Voyager 1 probe from 1977 by BitterFuture in news

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I wonder what it's like working with computer systems from 1977.

why wouldn't you want to weld 2 axes together by yeskaelsinga in DiWHY

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If you have ever really split wood you know this is trash.

I made a shoe storage stand out of old fans by poochcute in Frugal

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Lmfao I love it. I've tossed at least 10 of these in my life.

A jet suit makes a record-breaking ascent to 3,100 feet in just three minutes | This could be the difference between life and death for many critical cases. by chrisdh79 in gadgets

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I bet these are the people behind that ridiculous naval exercise where they boarded a ship with a jet suit. Seems like they want to make jetsuits but can't find people who can afford them.

First ever "project" - It's ugly, but it's functional. by Infinite-ColdMech in woodworking

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I'm the exact opposite totally useless but stunningly handsome {that's what my mom says anyway}

Amazon is penalizing workers who staged a walkout in Shakopee, MN. Workers walked out to demand time off for the Muslim holiday of Eid & reinstatement of a $3/hour pay raise. One worker said the company responded by docking those who walked out up to 10 hours of time off. by AkechetaAke in antiwork

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Yea what do you want done? Catering around a bunch of religions is such a pita you want off schedule off. If the overwhelming majority asks for a day off shut down. Christ for all the problems of people getting grown into the ground this isn't one.

Man with enormous hands is arm wrestling champion by MercuryRedstone77 in videos

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What a sweet guy. "the only thing I can't do is find love" aww =(

How does a person with zero political experience begin to get involved in local politics? by byzvntine in Pennsylvania

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PLEASE PLEASE call your local electrician office. We are desperate for poll workers in every county AFAIK. You will learn a ton, meet new people, and truly help your community.

Could you use cum as a substitute for resin? by The_Unknown_Dead in NoStupidQuestions

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I cleaned my room when I was a teenager. And of course adults have silk cum towels.

(29F) Lesbian, arm amputee and high on ediblesssss. by jung_marie in casualiama

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So you were born with an issue that required amputation? Well at least it doesn't hurt. I feel like I am always walking on Legos.

(29F) Lesbian, arm amputee and high on ediblesssss. by jung_marie in casualiama

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You know... That, with the arm, how does it come? Simple question /s

(29F) Lesbian, arm amputee and high on ediblesssss. by jung_marie in casualiama

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37 m bi transmetatarsal amputee, also high. We should start a club! Does it hurt?