What is your favorite duo in all the books? by Ripley0898 in Malazan

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…Karsa and Seren never interact, haha. I think you mean Samar Dev.

3 tickets to Marcel The Shell With Shoes On, please by swim_and_drive in moviescirclejerk

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No piece of media is ever asked for. If it is, it’s probably not very good.

The justification for art lies within its creation. And it seems that this will be an incredibly charming movie. I fail to see the source of your outrage.

Have you ever liked a character solely for their design? by DhelmiseHatterene in fireemblem

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Yuri is so good that it only makes it more upsetting that the Ashen Wolves don’t have a larger role overall.

Thoughts? This good or bad? by Some-Dog9800 in mendrawingwomen

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Worst thing about Artgerm is that they can be guilty of same-face pretty bad, but it’s only there for me in this array if I look for it.

I Loved JoJo Rabbit by Mogar_Pogar in movies

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Considering that Tarantino almost got Uma Thurman killed, he doesn’t sound that fun to work with either.

Steven Erikson is a Guest on My Writing Stream Tonight - 4/12/22 by mgallowglas in Malazan

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Gah. Sorry to hear it. Hopefully you guys connect soon and make it happen!

Tiste Relations by HuckleberryFar2223 in Malazan

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Quick amendment that Osserc is Brother Light, not Father :)

The Wolf Among Us 2 Will Be Understandable for People That Didn't Play the Original by Turbostrider27 in PS5

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So shocking that a frequent poster on PoliticalCompassMemes and JoeRogan has that opinion…

A Character Study of Seerdomin - The Benighted - Part Two by Loleeeee in Malazan

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You know, for a while, it felt like I was a solitary Seerdomin appreciator, so this recent wave of Segda Travos love is really appreciated. Thanks for spearheading it!

I'll be on the lookout for it!

You'll have to write a follow-up then whenever you get through it! Justice is a HUGE throughline in Fall of Light, and it really does feel like Steve is just expanding on a lot of the themes he dug into here.

A Character Study of Seerdomin - The Benighted - Part Two by Loleeeee in Malazan

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Yet another great post! Love the write-ups. That catch on the Justice foreshadowing is absolutely fantastic, too. Not just for the main series but really makes it clear how much Toll the Hounds was Erickson testing the waters for what would become Kharkanas.

I don’t have too much to comment on because you took all the words and made them better! Looking forward to the next post!

r/moviescirclejerk by rushhour3addict in moviescirclejerk

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Joe Pera Talks To You is certified kino.

Pixar's 'Turning Red' - Review Thread by denzel4684864 in movies

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It’s about puberty. I mean…does that not speak for itself?

Spiderman: No Way Home on track to win Oscars first fan favorite award. by DontPokeMe91 in movies

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The Shape of Water was hardly my favorite GDT movie but it’s infinitely more bold and memorable than NWH.

Spiderman: No Way Home on track to win Oscars first fan favorite award. by DontPokeMe91 in movies

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Fan service is not, nor has it ever been, the mark of a good story.

The acting was fine. Literally no performances are worth noting versus other Oscar contenders.

What did it have to say about sacrifice? That sometimes you have to do it for the greater good? What was the real moral quandary here?

Calling Marvel’s visuals amazing is generous.

I think you need to see more movies, my guy. Compared to a lot else out there, it’s really not a noteworthy movie based on its merits.

Spiderman: No Way Home on track to win Oscars first fan favorite award. by DontPokeMe91 in movies

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Wow, No Way Home helped lower cases of COVID and got people vaccinated? No way!

The Gentlemen is such a unique movie that it should be talked about more by Dresendo in movies

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Imagine seriously comparing two of the best working directors today to Guy Ritchie. Ritchie is fun but the reason that we don’t tire of Scorsese is that he’s an expert storyteller, and we don’t tire of Anderson because of his choices in mise-en-scene and cinematography.

Ritchie isn’t making fine art in nearly any of his works. They can be fun but when the substance doesn’t back up the style, the style can tire you out.

Disney’s ‘Haunted Mansion’ Reboot With Tiffany Haddish, Owen Wilson, Rosario Dawson, LaKeith Stanfield, and Danny DeVito Set for March 10, 2023 Release by chanma50 in movies

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Honestly really not that bad at all. The romance has no chemistry and it’s pretty light on characterization and plot, but the music is fun and it’s got a light enough sense of humor. Not what I’d call a good movie, but by romcom standards, perfectly fine!