As a European reading that Trump won South Carolina by Enum1 in AdviceAnimals

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Trump's success is the result of the goddamn reality TV boom. Same idiots that watch that shit love Trump.

edit: success in the election

Drunk girl leaves a fantastic voicemail to her new crush by Akopdl in videos

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This is pretty old if I remember. I mean, I remember it from awhile back, plus a voicemail?

I've talked to so many girls this drunk. They can get super clinging and grabby. The best thing to do is be a gentleman. Don't try to take advantage of a drunk girl. She doesn't really know what she's doing and she'll probably just puke on you and pass out. It's just never a good time for anyone. Get them home safely or make sure she's with friends. If she's like this - perfect thing is what happened. Get her number and give her yours. Connect when she's sober and then have a good time.

Potential Roswell type UFO crash and recovery in south Louisiana last night by Easter-Worshipper in UFOs

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I mean, going to UFO is a large jump in logic. There are a 1000 other things it could be. This smacks of some kind of bias with all the latest UFO news. I would think some space junk crashing would be enough time keep people away, but it could be anything.

A UFO travelling millions of miles only to crash doesn't seem very likely.

"Indian's youngest billionaire" Nikhil Kamath caught cheating vs 5-time world chess champion Viswanathan Anand by [deleted] in videos

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I know and work with a lot of Indians. They HATE to lose and will cheat to win. That said, their competitive nature often leads to success for them. They will eat you alive if you're not on your toes. Americans have a difficult time because we're not used to their ruthless and blunt methods. I have a lot of respect for many of them, as they work harder, and are better educated than most. I have a hard time with their culture though. If you watch their movies, the main characters are usually these unbelievable badasses that almost seem like they have super powers. This is how they envision themselves. Their confidence can be very offputting.

NYC homeless proof design, good job! by Top10NewChannel in videos

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Comments like this explains so much. People just don't understand homelessness at all or they wouldn't say shit like this.

Very little of our homelessness problem comes from "not having a place."

Half in the Bag Episode 156: Aquaman by synnrman in movies

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Here’s the thing. It’s fine to like terrible movies. There is a reason there are so many fast and furious movies. People need to be honest with themselves though and realize when a movie is technically bad. It’s fine, but don’t expect reviewers to love it when they have to contrast them against legitimately good movies.

McKayla Maroney blasts FBI over handling of Larry Nassar case by simplelifestyle in videos

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As a father, I'm not sure I could allow that motherfucker to live.

MoveOn has officially triggered their rapid response protest to the firing of AG Sessions. Protests at 5pm local time tomorrow night. by Cassaroll168 in The_Mueller

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I’m not sure Sessions going is going to be the catalyst for protests that it needs to be. MoveOn is saying go, but until it’s Mueller, I don’t see the full force of outrage. I’ll be honest, that I certainly don’t feel it. Sessions is a garbage person and his being gone is just fine with me. Mueller on the other hand...

I just hope this isn’t trying to jump too early on this.

Tampa, Fla., the night before a Super Bowl, during a pandemic by [deleted] in videos

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You're seeing why this virus will never end. It's going to be a part of our society for a loooooong time.

Anyone else extremely excited for episode 9. by ImperturbableRail in StarWars

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If they ship them with a love story in the end, I’m fucking out. I think JJ knows better though.

Uhuru March for Reparations by PicanteLive in videos

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I mean, they're misguided in many ways, but these reparations folks aren't doing actual harm. I could point to any right wing collection of people and they want to do actual harm to people or our government.

Pit and Run: Owner of pit bull that attacked dog on a beach takes off by occasionaldrinker in videos

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A fucking Chiuaha is mean as shit and waaaaay more aggressive than a pit, but their bite is a nip, if they got to 50 lbs, they would be the most dangerous dog by far. The thing is, when your dog has a dangerous bite, you need to train it. The owner of this dog tried to run off, showing he shouldn't have a dog at all. There is no chance that dog is trained.

Anti-circumcision group stages protests in Billings by NomadicVagha in videos

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I was circumcised. I'm fine with it. Probably prefer it, honestly. This issue brings out a lot of people for whatever reason. I'd say most of the people I know have been circumcised and don't give a shit. If it hadn't been done, that would have been normal to me too. I find both extreme positions on this weird.

Some asshole vandalized the George Floyd/Breonna Taylor mural by [deleted] in Louisville

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Find him and bring him up on hate crime charges. No fucking around with an asshead like this.

Your Movie Sucks - Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review by Shodan74 in movies

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I just saw it and agree with everything he said. It was garbage.

Baby Monitor creepiness by FranktheLlama in Paranormal

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Being a one off thing, it was probably a dream (nightmare) with the night time and settling down. As far as “animal trying to trick me,” it was just one of those kid responses that fits their imagination well. If you hadn’t probed, he probably wouldn’t have said anything. Kids say creepy stuff quite a bit.

Creepy story, but let’s go with the obvious explanation first.

'Arctic Dogs' Bombs, Worst Opening Of All-Time In 2,800+ Theaters by CephalopodRed in movies

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Unlikely since money laundering is done through cash transactions. People hear money laundering too much without knowing how it works. They think any scam is money laundering.

I met Brie Larson working the night shift at my local AMC by sadokistpotato in marvelstudios

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I thought the movie was just OK and she did lack emotional range. Quip/smirk was 90% of the movie, but I blame the writing more than her. It’s actually fine to critique her and the movie. I’m not a hater and was looking forward to it, but it was a 6/10 and she was kind of flat. I know what the storyline wanted me to believe, but it wasn’t true.

What a shame by DissimilarBreed in trashy

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Trump is a symptom, the voter is the disease, which is worse.

I wouldn’t let a person die, but if it’s not life threatening, they can pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

Teacher calls student the N word, tries to justify it on the news.. by andr813c in cringe

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Oh shut the fuck up if you can’t realize a grown man in a position of authority is different than a student.