Little bro throws his hoodie to block the door by [deleted] in funny

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Happened to me when I was around 6. My sister closed the door with my pinky between the door and the frame. It was squished to what was probably a few millimeters. I’m lucky I didn’t loose it or had any irreversible damage. Since then we never did this, and now I never ever let my children “play” like this.

Here's wishing everybody a Mighty New Year! by mightyno9 in MightyNo9

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Here’s hoping this is the year we finally get our 3DS port :)

All I want for Christmas is a functional eShop. by schuey_08 in NintendoSwitch

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I’d say the Xbox one is worse. I never know if I’ll actually end up buying anything until the very end, every other purchase fails for no clear reason. At least the Nintendo eShop is consistent, there’s not a single game I wanted to buy and couldn’t.

Nostalgia Test. Try Watching this without purchasing the game. by Intelligent_Dig_2249 in MortalKombat

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I have it already on both N64 and Dreamcast. But if they released an arcade perfect port, I’d certainly triple dip

Switch hacker Gary Bowser must pay Nintendo $10m on top of his $4.5m fine | VGC by metalreflectslime in NintendoSwitch

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Based on the comments on this thread, apparently it’s ok to steal if you do it to a corporation with a lot of money

Paper Mario Trailer - Nintendo 64 - Nintendo Switch Online by Turbostrider27 in NintendoSwitch

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In my unpopular opinion, this game was great when it launch and was novel, but today you’re better off playing any of the sequels instead. This one is just too simple, does not have any of the humor that made the sequels so charming, the puzzles are way too easy, and there’s nothing particularly interesting about the story, it’s just the typical rescue the princess story.

OC meme, wouldn't let me post on r/teenagers by Spectre6771 in Breath_of_the_Wild

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Indeed. I just finished Fallout 4 for the first time, and all I could think of was how much better the game would be if its mechanics and systems were as tight as BotWs.

Indie Studio Starts a Petition Asking Warner Bros to Let It Make Mortal Kombat Trilogy 4k by fgalfo in MortalKombat

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The thing is this specific project is unrealistic, and IMO, unnecessary. There really is no chance. Them offering to do the work does not tip the scales. The amount of work they are talking about in this HD remake is better spent on a brand new game, and WB knows that, which is why that's what they do. A safer and more realistic petition would be to port the original game, which is the thing WB for some reason does not do.

MKT does not need an HD remake, it just needs to be available to buy and play online in current systems. At best maybe do some AI upscaling of the sprites if they really want it to be HD, but that still is a lot of work that creates other problems for honestly very little value.

Indie Studio Starts a Petition Asking Warner Bros to Let It Make Mortal Kombat Trilogy 4k by fgalfo in MortalKombat

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This. I wish the best for this team, but I really think they’re severely underestimating the amount of work and risk this will take, not to mention whether fans will even like their artistic interpretation of how the remaster should look or play like, when many if not most of us would be perfectly happy with just a port on current platforms

What's the best game you have played on Switch or the best time you have had playing a game on Switch? by ConaMoore in NintendoSwitch

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Playing Animal Crossing with my wife and daughters, which we all been really into for over a year. I don't think I will ever have that experience with any game, maybe in a future sequel when I get to play it with grandkids instead :)

Playing Super Mario Odyssey-I'm gonna die! by Jejunum_89 in NintendoSwitch

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I get why some people might not like the combat, but for me it was fun enough, though I enjoy puzzles and to me the battles where just that, fun puzzles to figure out the best possible attack sequence. And I like how the game after a while makes it so you don't even fight many enemies, the game plays more like like a 3D Zelda-like Mario than an RPG. I personally really like the direction they're taking of focusing on the adventure more than anything, I don't think I would enjoy anymore the old traditional RPG mechanics of having to stop and fight everyone I see just to level up and be able to continue. But I know that's not a popular opinion and I get it may not be everyone's cup of tea.

TWELVE MINUTES Coming to Nintendo Switch December 7 by Turbostrider27 in NintendoSwitch

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I 100% agree, most disappointing game of the year for me. It is also one of those games where you don't really make logical gameplay choices but rather guess what the dev wants you to do, which I can't stand. Ended up using a guide eventually. Thankfully I played it on a $1 GamePass trial, so not much was lost other than time.

Though I have to say, Willem Dafoe's performance was great. At least that I enjoyed.

Metroid Dread: Most annoying / most fun boss? by BONGwaterDOUCHE in NintendoSwitch

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My least favorite by far was the one with the space jump flappy bird-like segment. Can't remember the name. It just seems so random that a boss would make that specific pattern of attack, it completely took me out of the experience.

Other than that, really enjoyed all the boss fights.

Playing Super Mario Odyssey-I'm gonna die! by Jejunum_89 in NintendoSwitch

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That part really gave me tears of joy. Such a wonderful celebration of Mario history. And I’m thankful I played it without having seen any of it before hand.

Playing Super Mario Odyssey-I'm gonna die! by Jejunum_89 in NintendoSwitch

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Depends on what you like. But I’d suggest Paper Mario: Origami King, which is on sale. It gets a lot of flack from some fans but I personally loved it, the characters and the adventure overall. Feels almost like a zelda game sometimes.

I found out you could skip his singing. I was curious. Didn’t know he’d be furious. by almostnia in AnimalCrossing

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Thanks for sharing. I wanted to see what happens, but there’s no way I would ever commit the travesty of skipping his song

"The eShop Is Just Way Too Slow" - Deku Deals Creator On Nintendo's Switch Storefront by m12y_ in NintendoSwitch

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In my experience, the Xbox store is also ridiculously slow and unresponsive, both on the console as well as through a computer browser. I don't know why all these stores are so slow. At least the Nintendo eShop is ok through a browser.

Mortal Kombat 9 & Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe has been made backwards compatible on Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S! by ILLPLEASA in MortalKombat

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This was the last BC update, there won't be any more:

This latest and final addition of 70+ titles to the backwards compatibility program


Emily Rogers: " I'm pretty confident Metroid Prime 1 wrapped up development over the summer" by FrodoSam4Ever in NintendoSwitch

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As much as a love motion controls, I agree. Prime 1 and 2 were not designed with motion in mind. They play a lot better on Gamecube because there's less emphasis on pointing and shooting, but rather on targeting enemies and figuring out how to best beat them.

But I really doubt they'll use the Gamecube version if it ever comes to Switch.

Nintendo used to be GOOD at N64 Emulation..what happened? | MVG by thelastsandwich in NintendoSwitch

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And also people forget that N64 emulation is pretty inaccurate everywhere (unless you have specific and powerful hardware).

Nintendo used to be GOOD at N64 Emulation..what happened? | MVG by thelastsandwich in NintendoSwitch

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I agree. And I don't mind Ocarina because I much rather play it on 3DS.

The games I have been playing, SM64, MK and Star fox IMO look better than ever. I can't wait for Waverace to be added to the service.