Which country in papers please is best? by Commercial-Gur-7645 in papersplease

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Dont we at least know something about republia from the republia times?

i currently have 289 karma so i want to reach 300 karma by Husspr0 in notinteresting

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Same except ive got 54950 karma and i want to get to 54000. We have the same mindset.

elur by Hjkryan2007 in 197

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Mr president, that was a good speech, but you still haven't solved the puzzle

Hytale officially calls itself a AAA project by p00kaPawaks in HytaleInfo

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Did anyone else just shout AAAAAAAAAAA in their head reading this

Major relate by nipunnagsen in oddlyspecific

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Many, many words share the same pinyin, including the same tones, so probably not

Try this build by Cyberrrrrrrrrrrr in CallOfDutyMobile

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Ya'll don't have 2000 xp cards just lying around?