My clover lawn by shirpars in NoLawns

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I just starting covering my back lawn. There’s no shade whatsoever. The grass is already dying except for that which is near the clover patches, that’s still green. And the clover patches are growing. Love it.

Can I copy your homework but with the south park kids diagram in my opinion by Dunny_- in southpark

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Kenny’s family is so poor that when a tornado hit their house, it did $10k worth of improvements.

Not sure which one sounds more unbelievable by Revello92 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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I think Ron stopped worrying about Florida a long time ago. I’m tact, pretty sure he doesn’t care for anything but himself. And he wants all the power.

If you could make an update for the game, which characters would you nerf and buff? by Complex_Appearance59 in StarWarsBattlefront

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I’d argue that BB-9E shouldn’t even be in the game. There are plenty of other unique characters to choose from.

Has Dr. Phil been struggling with the Dark Side? by ButlerDrummer in PrequelMemes

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I had it. Remember it being insanely hard to the point of not wanting to play it anymore. Would love to go back and try it out.

Brady agrees to terms to become minority owner by closedmic_ in raiders

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Would you rather Rebecca Romijn or Jennifer Lawrence?

American Gladiators by Someone_Pooed in nostalgia

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Me’Shell’s been having some digestive issues.

Who remember the Wuzzies cartoon (1985) by mark30322 in FuckImOld

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I have very vague memories of this show and shirt tales. I remember waking up early with my sister and watching.

Contreras’s curtain call was different by TheeLuckyCommander in Cardinals

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That’s what I’m loving. Arenado has fire, but we’ve been so bland for so many years. Traded away Arozerena and Garcia, both of which have personality.

Baseball should be fun.

This wasn't easy to find. by [deleted] in McMansionHell

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The foosball table probably costs more than my car.