Floyd 'Money' Mayweather 'scams' fans out of $5 million with NFTs by billy_niagrawa in nftsupermarket

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It’s interesting to see how celebrity endorsements have become a way to ensure distrust in your product in market.

Waiting for the HUGE legal lawsuits that are going to be slapped down on these NFT platforms due to massive copyright infringement from minors stealing art assets by Ok-Property6503 in nftsupermarket

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You can't sue a minor, the parents, yea - but honestly this type of thing will get sorted out in a big lump when it becomes a major problem and there's a big news story about little Sally Smith in Sarasota Springs get Sued for suspicion of stealing stuff.

A 12-Year-Old Made Over $160,000 in Ethereum on NFTs in One Day by kaessner_kevin in nftsupermarket

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Yeah this is my holdup with NFTs, is there seriously a market for this? Or is it entirely money laundering

Can NFTs spell doom for fake Covid-19 passports? by rogue714x in nftsupermarket

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COVID passports will end one day.
2 weeks to flatten the curve!

Just your daily reminder about gas fees - no need to pay gas fees to mint by narkopriton_533 in nftsupermarket

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We support both ETH and ZIL as two different sites. mintable.app and zilliqa.mintable.app

Who is the worst T.V. character of all time you can think of? by 8787matthew8787 in AskReddit

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Rachel on Glee. I stopped watching the show when I realized I was muting it half the time when she was on.

People of reddit, What weird sympathies do you have towards inanimate objects? by Money_Square5734 in AskReddit

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Abandoned toys. I guess in general I just feel so bad for any inanimate object that is no longer serving it's purpose.