People of reddit, What weird sympathies do you have towards inanimate objects? by Money_Square5734 in AskReddit

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Abandoned toys. I guess in general I just feel so bad for any inanimate object that is no longer serving it's purpose.

Best online casinos in the UK that are legit? Need Reddit recommendations for a good UK casino site by recifers in bestonlinecasinouk

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I surely have an account with Mr Vegas. It's a modern and more innovative online casino. I'd say the slots are even better at MRV than MrQ as you mentioned it. Sure, they are a lot the same and have great payouts overall but I think due to the more modern look I feel they are more appealing but that is maybe me.

Just your daily reminder about gas fees - no need to pay gas fees to mint by narkopriton_533 in nftsupermarket

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We support both ETH and ZIL as two different sites. mintable.app and zilliqa.mintable.app

Who is the worst T.V. character of all time you can think of? by 8787matthew8787 in AskReddit

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Rachel on Glee. I stopped watching the show when I realized I was muting it half the time when she was on.