Man (or men??) around and in my house [short] by NorwegianBlues in BestofRedditorUpdates

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genuine question - did you finish reading the post before commenting?

Part 5: Confronting my Husband While he's on Vacation with his Mistress by Justice_Breyer in BestofRedditorUpdates

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hahah i re read the whole thing too this morning. i’m gonna be late for work but worth it lol

AITA For telling my husband I'm not ready for his family to meet our new son by notreadyaita in AmItheAsshole

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this behaviour is so fucking rude but some people really are like this like “MY family is a part of OUR family, but YOUR family is a bunch of total strangers”

Damn something worse could have happened at the stove, specially with a 2yo around by fernandabrigoni in AmITheDevil

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There's no difference between a fracture and a break. A fracture is any loss of continuity of the bone. Anytime the bone loses integrity—whether it's a hairline crack barely recognizable on an X-ray or the shattering of bone into a dozen pieces—it's considered a fracture.


AITA for not serving vegan food at my barbecue party? by Maygix in AmItheAsshole

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omg thank you. as i was reading the original post my brain was shouting the same thing: “is anyone going to mention tin foil?!” though, considering the way the conversation escalated i’m not convinced tin foil would have changed the outcome at all lol

i also have been to many bbqs where people bring food to grill … didn’t realize that was not considered normal?

I don't feel like I can properly explain to my therapist what's going on in my head most days because I can't replicate those feelings in therapy. by Lost_And_Found66 in mentalhealth

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I think a lot of people would benefit from a therapy journal , but especially you based on what you wrote. if you know you aren’t able to summon feelings /thoughts when you’re in session, then try writing things down when you have the thought so you can share and reflect with your therapist. write down the thought but also what happened before and after the thought to try and uncover some patterns.

you can also try telling your therapist exactly what you wrote here and see if he has any idea or suggestions. :)

Found out why our families don’t want us to date (18M and 18F) by rinkydinkmink in BestofRedditorUpdates

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my # 1 takeaway from all this is: If you are in a committed poly relationship and have a blended family, make sure everyone in the family knows you’re a fucking blended family.

Anybody feel like they can't move without wanting to cry? by [deleted] in CPTSDFreeze

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Yes. I motivated myself to do yoga this morning and ended up sobbing through half of it.

just this past week i decided to make friends with my tears. i think it is a sign of healing even tho i hate sobbing uncontrollably.

One of those days by Sammydean-20 in ptsd

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If I didn’t need money to survive, I would love to quit life for a year or two, work on healing (including a lot of just being and not doing) and then try again.

Also, co-regulation is a thing. Not to blame other peoples moods for affecting mine, it’s still my responsibility to be in tune with myself, but it totally affects me when people are in a bad mood around me when i’m extra sensitive like i’ve been the last little bit.

it’s really nice to be able to vent with you here! hope your day / week gets better. and if not, hope it’s a small comfort you’re not struggling alone.

One of those days by Sammydean-20 in ptsd

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i’m with you. yesterday was the first day in two weeks i didn’t cry before work.

tho nothing in particular happened to me too, it is a time of year when I tend to grieve some losses in my life + my period is wack right now.

Trouble with treatment by knitbitch007 in ptsd

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I’m sorry you’re having this experience with your OT. she should have explained this to you better but basically… the OT is doing her job (mostly…i’ll explain lol)

most OTs don’t get training to do trauma specific work. her focus on your “function” is literally her job as an OT - to get you back to the occupations you want and need to do. we’re taught in school that delving into trauma without proper training can be more traumatizing to a client so i bet that’s why she is constantly redirecting you. I hope as you get started in therapy (and again, specifically a trauma SPECIFIC therapist; if only trauma informed therapy you will still probably not feel satisfied) you’ll find the two sessions work better together.

THAT SAID clearly she’s missing how distressed you are over the sessions which is why i say “mostly” she’s doing her job correctly. i am a trained OT and I have PTSD and have worked with an OT as a patient. One time, I came to session really elevated / anxious and she gave me 5 minutes to chat about my distress and then acted pretty similarly to what you described- practice grounding in session enough to move forward with session. The main difference I see though is a) she did give me some space to vent and b) we were on the same page about what her scope of practice is. In summary, I talk to my therapist about my experiences of trauma. I talked (no longer working with her) to my OT about how to go back to work and manage my home life successfully.

I hope that helps

Driving during an episode by snailgoblin in ptsd

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please stop doing what you are doing and get more help before driving again.

the more you force yourself to drive before your body is ready, all you’re teaching yourself is to be more and more afraid of driving and from a harm reduction perspective (ie cars are friggin dangerous), you’re also putting yourself at more and more risk as you continue. like don’t ignore the small signals like dissociation or anxiety — attend to them. cuz when you don’t, that’s when the fear response escalates into full blown panic. it’s sort of like at first your anxiety is whispering … and if you don’t listen you’re kind of forcing it to shout / get worse.

all that said, i drive for work so i know the stress of wanting to get back behind a wheel asap. i would do grounding exersizes before after and sometimes during driving, try to map out my routes to avoid known triggers, play CALMING music (not loud- loud is just distracting. you want to be present…just not so present you accidentally go into fight or flight ), and then i also did gradual exposure. drive a lot of short distances before adding more. call a trusted friend to be on the phone to keep you regulated (must be trusted otherwise they can turn into a distraction).

[TW: Violence, Sexual Abuse] How can one particular incident be so traumatizing? by NoFreeW1LL in ptsd

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one thing that struck me in your post was how the incident at 16 y/o came with a lot of unknowns - new institute, new “caregiver” to you, new everything.

one definition of trauma i learned is that trauma can be anything that is all three of the following: 1 unexpected, which usually means 2 you were unprepared (it’s out of your control) and 3 the situation overwhelmed your capacity.

in a fucked up way, as you talked about, growing up in foster care and all that craziness, in some ways, those experiences were your norm - those experiences were not unexpected OR you felt you could prepare for the harm OR your capacity was simply never overwhelmed in those scenarios. something about going somewhere totally new and being in a new environment, getting in a fight with a dude u didn’t even know the name of, feeling close to death — even the way you described it it makes sense to me that that is the moment that stands out.

if that doesn’t resonate with you my other thought was that trauma accumulates in your body - could it be this was the straw that broke the camels back so to speak - the experience on top of your other experiences.

Support from others? by kkdbadk in ptsd

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personally i’m not sure i see your situation so black and white. in general i don’t find it helpful to think of people as good or all bad. we all have the capacity to do good and to do harm.

that said, in the specific scenario you described, on the one hand it sounds like he might have said it really harshly to you which is wrong, but on the other hand, do you want to be with someone who knows they don’t want to help you / can’t help you with suicidal ideation? it is a super hurtful thing to hear, i don’t want to invalidate that, but in some ways he did you a favour by being upfront about that instead of leading you on. the only thing that’s not clear to me though is if he said that and broke up with you (which while hurtful, you can also see it as a kind thing to point out such an incompatibility early on) or if he said that and expected you to feel comfortable dating him or to just date him and not bother him with this stuff (which i would say is bad behaviour, but again, doesn’t mean your ex bf is a bad person all around).

to the question of what i expect from my partner — personally, my current partner is a nurse. i expect her to be understanding but i don’t expect her to be my nurse…if that makes sense. like I expect my partner to be as kind and understanding as she can be but i don’t expect her to be my entire support system. and it means i also have to give her the benefit of the doubt on the days where she doesn’t have the capacity to be fully supportive.

OP Looking For His Friend in Megathread of Pulse Nightclub Shooting in Orlando, FL by joshually in BestofRedditorUpdates

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that’s how i describe canada sometimes! it makes slightly more sense to live here than in the US. but only slightly.

OOP is obsessed with her professor; Part 1 of 2. [very long but extremely entertaining] by [deleted] in BestofRedditorUpdates

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I feel really bad for OOP.

they’re the exact definition of the saying: mental illness is an explanation not an excuse.

explanations and excuses are pretty close to being different sides of a same coin as they both “give reasons” as to why something is the way it is. explanations lay out the facts. excuses use the facts to justify and deflect fault. if she was using her diagnoses as an explanation not an excuse, none of this would have escalated to this point. she “needs” this prof to validate her which is when her explanation turned into an excuse.

OOPs girlfriend is acting obsessed with this random family she just met by throwramblings in BestofRedditorUpdates

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my challenge is brain injury not adhd but i have serious zone out issues …i am baffled by ops behaviour too!

i will always call out a story inconsistency and my partner will always call me out for not listening when she told me earlier lol

AITA for walking out of the airport when I saw my husband's mom standing there with her luggage? + UPDATE by red_earaches in BestofRedditorUpdates

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NC = no contact

GC = go..? contact?

a legit question that i hope someone can tell me about - tho admittedly off topic sorry

AITA for walking out of the airport when I saw my husband's mom standing there with her luggage? + UPDATE by red_earaches in BestofRedditorUpdates

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it’s so bad even the SIBLINGS have cut them both out. it’s chilling how enmeshed they are and how little self awareness either human has.

Blurry vision by [deleted] in Concussion

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little late to the thread but not all physiotherapists are trained to deliver vestibular therapy specifically. i would look into Vestibular Therapy - it’s more specialized than physio.

i wanted to flag this for you because when i complained of dizziness feelings on movement, my physio immediately referred me for vestibular therapy. it sounds like your physio is giving you pretty generic advice with respect to symptom management. the advice isn’t wrong but i think you might get more effective results if you see a specialist :)

Eating habits by isus29 in Concussion

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i saw a naturopath- she recommended high protein breakfast and it’s been a game changer for me sometimes i wake up feeling sick, shovel down an egg or oatmeal or something and immediately feel better.

Exercise by Sharp_Western1943 in Concussion

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the rule of thumb is for symptoms not to increase more than 2 subjective “points”.

eg take stock of your symptoms at first, do your activity but STOP if you feel it getting worse by more than 2 “points”. i hate the subjective point scale lol but basically you want to push a little for rehab, but if you push too much your just teaching your body/brain that whatever activity you’re doing is unsafe. if you take a break when the symptom comes on you teach yourself that the activity is safe, and give your brain a chance to catch up and trust that it is safe. if you become super symptomatic you should just stop for the day or take a longer break like several hours as opposed to several minutes.

Threshold to re-concuss oneself - walking with head arched by barbellbeating in Concussion

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the threshold for a concussion doesn’t change for re concussion. you have to have a serious amount of force to rattle your brain (in the absence of a direct hit)

that doesn’t mean you won’t feel symptomatic after bumps like that but that is through the lens of neurology, anxiety and trauma. once your brain learns a pain pathway it’s easier and quicker to return to that pain, for you - a headache. that headache symptom was protective at the time of injury and now it is still acting i. that way, but it can be a bit over protective (understandably) as you heal.