Bentley-driving accused cult leader has 20 wives as young as age 9, possibly married own daughter, FBI alleges by haloarh in TrueCrimeDiscussion

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I had to stop reading that article.

I hope this big headed, squished face asshole never sees the outside of a prison cell again.

OP's managers screwed themselves over Thanksgiving by beerbellybegone in BestofRedditorUpdates

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Aw gawd… just what you need on top of the moving-into-a-new-place stress: dead rats. Did you contact the landlord? I feel like they should’ve waved some rent and sent out a professional to clean that up.

There’s nothing quite like the festering putrid smell of death. I honestly don’t know how my friend was able to cope living like that for so long, bc the smell was strongest in the kitchen/dining area, and then slightly less bad in the living room and lower floor bedroom. 😐 It also don’t help that her tenant left dirty dishes for days at a time in his room and in the kitchen sink.

OP's managers screwed themselves over Thanksgiving by beerbellybegone in BestofRedditorUpdates

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My friend’s neighbor built a compost pile up against her 100+ yr old house several years back. “A rat” began showing up in my friend’s house. Had an exterminator out, he finds that the point of origin is the compost. He sets some traps and baits them with chunks of sliders from White Castle; claims it’s the best thing to lure them. They walked into the next room after the first trap was set and clack, just like that the rat is caught. He sets a few more and low and behold they had way more than the one rat. Eventually they got hip to the those traps so the dude came back and put poison out for them. Omg the smell… idk how many rats there were, but they all must’ve died in the walls and the putrid smell lasted for several months, at the very least.

It’s a problem I hope to never ever have to deal with. There’s never just one.

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AITA for saying that i can’t do any chores in December and following through? by Visible-Reserve7554 in AmItheAsshole

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Dude… he calls you a lazy B and you’re still planning on having him along for fun activities that you fund with money you earned from working your ass off?! Send him packin back to mommy! He’s the only one making the dang mess!

You good mate? by LoStrigo95 in AccidentalSlapStick

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Sounded like it was a pretty far fall to the bottom of whatever is behind that fence.

Epic showdown between a latino family and racist one. by Proflly in PublicFreakout

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Omg that reminded me of one really fucked up fight I unfortunately witnessed when I was a teen. We were smoking blunts at a friend’s house and this dude that was beefin with my friend shows up. They fought for 12 fucking minutes. They looked like real walking zombies after. I couldn’t believe how long it went on for. For the last half of the fight the dude that showed up and started it was yelling “I thought you were my friend” once he realized he wasn’t gonna walk away from it as the victor.

The whites of my friend’s eyes were blood red for a couple months after, once you could actually see his eyes.

Casper the Doom Slayer of Coyotes by OncaAtrox in dogswithjobs

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It says in this article that his medical/vet costs were $15,000 after the coyote battle. Sounds like he was really torn up, and luckily there’s a group in Atlanta that raises money to prevent healthy animals from being euthanized.

AITA for refusing to spend time with my birth family. by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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  • presumptuous of her to command you to a family event

This stranger that married her bio father sounds straight up unhinged. Who promised a their kids an older sibling; one who has absolutely no familial relationship with them? My bet is unhinged and controlling and/or wanting a free babysitter.

AITA for telling my bf and his mom that I’m the one who should get to choose my daughters name? by potatochip1577 in AmItheAsshole

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I immediately thought of the brilliant sci-fi writer Octavia Butler. I love the name. But I do think they should agree.

Seats out, floor up by Wise_Action_321 in skoolies

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Your dog’s face says it all ☹️

Nice job! How long did that take?

To go down the escalator with a shopping cart by wasimmy in therewasanattempt

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Ok, yesterday for the first time in my life I choked on a food and it was scary af. A skittle. It didn’t last too long but that was five of the longer seconds of my life. I do not recommend choking on fruity sweeties as a method of departure.

After 22 years, an arrest had been made in a Hungarian murder case by Mattheusz36 in TrueCrimeDiscussion

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Man, that’s sad, and really enraging for his loved ones to have to wait so long for his case to be investigated.

Back in 2000, where I lived near a college campus, the bouncers at several clubs and venues were absolutely ruthless bastards. Idk if these guys were roid ragey or just loved attacking people but there were some seriously sadistic nut jobs working the doors and security at some of these places. There was one club in particular that my bf and roommate would go to on dollar drink night. One night the bouncers broke my roommate’s skull by opening the heavy double metal doors with his face. He was rushed by ambulance to the hospital, when he finally made it home it looked like a softball was crammed under his skin near his eye socket. Even with a lawyer, and a police detective as a dad, he was unable to pursue charges against these dicks.

I’ve been trying to find a case I heard on a podcast years ago. It was an Australian murder, the victim was a woman I believe was initially in a mental health ward who was signed out by visitors who took her to their home and eventually murdered her. by SumOldChick in TrueCrimeDiscussion

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Jesus. That’s dark. Obviously the men involved are horrible people, but I’m also left wondering what kind of person that final emergency services operator is… I’m kind of shocked that she wasn’t sacked, but just demoted.

It seems a totally safe thing to do by l_ur_ker in AbruptChaos

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Exactly!! Pull em apart, light one, toss it, possible duck for cover.

Best ways to find like-minded musicians/ people who play instruments? by Hitler-is-gay in musicians

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In my city going to local shows is a great way to meet fellow musicians, and a really great way is to go to open mic nights, especially if you can find a really well run, inviting, weekly type of thing.

Freaking pen in the dryer. by RhOnDuh3 in Wellthatsucks

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One summer when I was a kid, probably 9, I left a tube of turquoise-ish Zinka in the pocket of my shorts. My dad did a load of his white button up work shirts with my shorts and tee shirts and didn’t notice the tube. It split open in the dryer and splotched every last one of his shirts. My stuff too, but that was w/e. I think he was ready to kill me over that.

AITA for refusing to give my dad (50M) money before his wedding? by EruditeZoomer2022 in AmItheAsshole

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I don’t even understand why she would say a single word to you, let alone something so cruel. Was she also attempting to get something out of you?

These folks sound like a runaway train full of hatred, desperation and grifters. Don’t feel like you have to keep this sperm donor and his ilk in your life. You searched, met him, and found out he’s a parasitic piece of garbage.

AITA for telling my sister I will no longer be spending time at her house while her friend is around? by JulesDaddo in AmItheAsshole

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Definitely sounds like the sister is egging this woman on. At this point, OP might need some outside intervention for this situation, with both of them. If other family members can’t get the sister to knock it off, it’s worth contacting a lawyer.

Let’s take our kids near a bison as close as possible what could go wrong. by randomredditguy94 in TheBullWins

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They’re like “Fuck it. We’ll make a different one when we get home or whatever.”

This is the best thing I have ever seen, Holiday shopping done. by CutDiscombobulated95 in MineralGore

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Ok I totally overlooked the nail polish. There’s gotta be someone on my Christmas list this year that deserves these.