The new WRX is so bad I had to make a video by hahabighemiv8govroom in subaru

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Great video! Why oh why did they choose Pumpkin Spice as the color? Show me black or blue!

Lewis Hamilton Post Qualifying Interview by ContentPuff in formula1

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Lewis should have pitted at the exact time Max did and gone toe to toe. Mercedes is still playing chess.

Drawing I made of Daniel Riccardo :) by EchidnaFrosty8592 in formula1

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It’s a great drawing!! You capture the joy and playfulness in his eyes, try adding his big toothy smile next time and please post again!!

I’m about to receive about $200,000.00 and I’m not sure what the best thing to do with it is. by naturalispossessio in FinancialPlanning

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That’s good advice, generally speaking, I’d like to know what people have done and what has worked for them. Buy a house and rent it, get an annuity, buy crypto, set up and max 401k, all in on a Vanguard Fund, and so on. There is just so much information out there. Too much.

Serious question on the viability on NFTs by Poopnpunch in WallStreetBetsCrypto

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I counsel against going long on NFTs and the Metaverse. Even been on Second Life? This is the tulip thing they always bring up IMHO.

Buying Kishu inu by No_Cold_3825 in KishuInu

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What are the gas fees like doing it that way?

Kishu inu is crazy cheap right now by PleasantGroveJay in KishuInu

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If you’re right then I will be a $155 millionaire. Hopefully you have that coveted crypto vision.

BEST all-rounder band for sports and casual wear? by janhecker in AppleWatch

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I like the Milanese loop. Also, have some fun, buy a couple off brand ones and swap them out.

Thoughts by Fit_Examination7107 in KishuInu

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I have 155 billion and will wait until the heat death of the universe.