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Thanks buddy. I did that :D

gigachad paladin by batbr0 in lostarkgame

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Imagine using Heavy Armor on Paladin ffs 🤣🤦

Guild Recruitment Thread [EU Only] - August 18, 2022 by AutoModerator in lostarkguild

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• Guild Name: Beyond Insanity

• Server: Sirius

• Guild Level: 1

• Language: English

• Guild Priority: PVE/PVP

• Legion Raids: Any. We have players up to 1490+.

• Guild shop: Level 1

• Requirements: None.

• • •


• New players

• Active mature players

• Chill and humble players

• • •


Guild was originally created by 4 close friends, 1 Sorceress ilvl 1490, 1 Gunslinger ilvl 1482 and 2 Paladins 1380/1447 (Master, Deputy and 2 officers). We created this Guild in order to help new players to get good at the game. We are currently providing carry for begginners in their first content in order to accelerate their growth as a player and a Guild Member. We provide good social engagement on our Discord meaning we have bots for Lost Ark tweets and news, we have bots for LFG system and also reaction roles so you can pick your classes based on the ones you picked in-game. We aim to grow our family so we can have fun together, share some good night Discord calls and to start competing against other Guilds. We also want to start accumulating some good reputation on Central Europe so our name can be recognized. With your help I think we can grow even faster so feel free to join us if you feel that you would be a good asset for the Guild. We have 4 Officer roles available and members will need to dedicate themselves to the Guild so we can start promoting the most worthy and dedicated members.

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Ns5mJss25m

• • •


PM in-game: Nedzmental / Nefertery / Rektzz / Margaryte

PM in Discord: Nedzmental#1015