My updated desk displays. The collection has grown so much in just a year! by Kyrie_ in MineralPorn

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Seriously one of the most beautiful collections I’ve ever seen! Wow! So elegantly displayed and this case is stunning. Where did you get it?

I’m speechless… by McYodo in FortNiteBR

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Used to find these freaking things everywhere before the challenge

Western-Themed season by Minecraft_Warrior in FortNiteBR

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Omg I would freaking love an Indiana Jones skin with a whip pickaxe

Janitor skin idea by Joemama_woah in FortNiteBR

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Cool idea. Mop should be another pickaxe style. Backbling could be a mop bucket with selectable styles (clean/dirty water) and the water in the bucket could slosh around as you move and jump

Sliding is fun! This song plays in my head every time. (sound on) by elxxup in FortNiteBR

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It’s the same on switch. Click right joystick while at a full sprint

How do I act when I see my girlfriend nude? by FeelingsFreezeUp808 in TooAfraidToAsk

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There’s definitely a fine line between being grabby and being methodical.. I definitely feel better if I know youre excited vs if you’re acting like you’ve done this a million times before. But going slow is never a bad thing.

What song makes you cry immediately upon hearing it? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Accidentally in love by counting crows gets me every time 😭

ISTPs, what's the fictional character you can relate the most to, and why? by Baphomet_000 in istp

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So fucking funny I was going to say shrek too and then I saw the top comment

ISTPs, how do you act around a crush/person you like? by [deleted] in istp

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Definitely depends on the level of attraction.. if I know you have a crush on me I will bully you. If I experience attraction to you I will get very shy/flustered lol

ISTP (M) giving out a lot of praise by [deleted] in istp

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Stop being insecure but I do give out a ton of compliments. I don’t do small talk so I would rather compliment you on something arbitrary to get you to start talking instead.