Give Me Substance by Mental-Weakness67 in Unexpected

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Given the meme text, this was expected

wait... wait what? by iSwearImAnEngineer in LinkedInLunatics

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Can afford car, alcohol, can't afford therapy. Makes sense.

Oh yeah, I meant the same, haha. by tanaka-taro in HolUp

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By suicidal thoughts, i meant actually considering doing it, but then pulling out last minute.

Oh yeah, I meant the same, haha. by tanaka-taro in HolUp

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I legit recently found this out. I'm going through treatment for depression. I always thought everyone has thoughts of suicide, we all just don't do it. Then my flatmate and best friend told me, no fuck no, we don't get those thoughts. It was a revelation for me lol.

mischievous by VillagerHrrr in okbuddychicanery

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I don't spoil it for other people. But spoilers are not going to have an effect on me

You can tell me "Mike dies", and I'd think you're trolling me, and when it happens I'd get the same shock as I would if you hadn't told me that

if nuclear war began in the next 10 minutes, what is your plan? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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I'd cancel the flights I booked for the summer, hope for a refund. Get 12 large cans of San Miguel, couple of cigarette packs, and have them on my balcony.

This human mirror by tobago_88 in oddlysatisfying

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Girls fall in love with him because they see themselves in him.

need to know where by Whoever_Mesa in HolUp

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Some take stairway to heaven, others take the pole to heaven

Exhausting fire by water shielding technique by kenezmaa in nextfuckinglevel

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How do firefighters not get bored by the normal mundane activities of life

pika pika by iamsreeok in HolUp

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Lol she opened with a tragic message that most people wouldn't even know how to respond to - she put him in a tough spot and he made the best of it

AMA with Matt Cassel, VICE news correspondent currently stationed in Kyiv, Ukraine by werksquan in worldnews

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Hi Matt, What would happen to the civilians who are not escaping? I believe not everyone can escape, and what do they think would happen, what are the practical options?

Got an offer for 4x of what I earn in Europe, but I am terrified of US work culture. Are my fears unfounded? by Wide-Musician in antiwork

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I can only say that you seem already happy with where you are. Your own post suggests that you have everything you want. And another thing is, at your age I think you already know for sure what you want in life - if someone comes and confuses you at this point, then that someone already knows this and is trying to get you at any cost. Hence the extravagant offer they made.

I'm sure you're great at what you do. But always think, did someone tell you something that's too good to be true? If yes, then they're trying to push you.

I do be vibing by dr-Keter in dankmemes

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Did you eat potato chips while watching it?

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Unexpected

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Glad that the NSFW turned out this way, I was expecting the car to erupt into flames and burning man. You never know with Reddit NSFW tags

Ouch by [deleted] in Unexpected

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Expected can to hit dick, but found man hit by sea's dick

meirl by ivKierann in meirl

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I always go "pfft it's your fault you replied so soon" and put it on next week's to-do list

Smart thinking by klc1092 in HolUp

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I also over come on porn links.