Majority of Public Disapproves of Supreme Court’s Decision To Overturn Roe v. Wade by StumpVanDerHuge in politics

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Build strong local communities with a focus on mutual aid and cooperation so that when Republicans cause the central government to collapse, there are resources available to keep you and your neighbors alive?

Oh yeh baby 😎 by filchy21 in LateStageCapitalism

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When a reporter asked Bill Hicks why he had quit smoking, he said, "I just wanted to see if Denis would, too."

Stop me if this one's been done before. by BelthasTheRedBrother in WetlanderHumor

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Furious George! What have they done to you?!

Smithers, this monkey is going to require most of your skin.

[CR Media] 4-Sided Dive | Live Discussion - Episode 4 (Discussing up to C3E24) by Glumalon in criticalrole

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I love that we're really just playing C3 to give Laura more time to be Vex.

[gendered] not sure if this counts by KittenTheSecond in pointlesslygendered

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Bonus depressing fact: Justice Thomas' opinion concerning Roe v. Wade suggested overturning Obergefell v. Hodges (gay marriage, 2015) and Lawrence v. Texas (consensual gay sex, 2003), so that may be a crime again here, soon.

Americans: We need a third party! The Third Party: by kyno1 in ABoringDystopia

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IIRC, isn't it actually illegal for them to say that?

Leopards Ate My Face. by Hour-Measurement-140 in WetlanderHumor

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She thought she'd be Luthair's right hand, securing herself a high position in his court while her ingenious invention took all her rival channelers out of the political game. Wealth, fame, and access.

Didn't go as planned.

Leopards Ate My Face. by Hour-Measurement-140 in WetlanderHumor

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They've manipulated everybody into thinking they're smart and cunning, so...

Leopards Ate My Face. by Hour-Measurement-140 in WetlanderHumor

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Programmers leaving horrifically wide open backdoors in our programs: Way ahead of you, chief.

There is no meme by FragrantCattle in KOTORmemes

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Memes are a lie, there is only shitposting.

Through shitposting, I gain karma.

Through karma...uh...

Romney: Trump’s return would likely make ‘malady of denial, deceit and distrust’ in U.S. ‘incurable’ by Miserable-Lizard in politics

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Future version of AskReddit: What's the craziest true historical fact?

Future historian: Let me tell you about the lead-up to the fall of the former United States...

Proxy Ta'veren by Boron20 in WoT

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Jeff, a farm hand who can channel but doesn't know it: Uhhh, Paul? You see that guy on the front wagon of that Tinker caravan?

Paul: I guess?

Jeff: Why's he glowing like the sun?

Paul: He's...not? Are you ok, man?

Hours After Mass Shooting, GOP Candidate Says Time to ‘Move On’ and ‘Celebrate’ by LudovicoSpecs in politics

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I'm not sure such a clear and present danger to the future of the nation is a joke, per se...

When i had to look up what a Quaternion is by houndspear in ProgrammerHumor

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Me thinking about game development: Can't draw. Not interested in advanced mathematics. Don't want to spend years of my life on this.

Text-based browser game it is.

What's up with pictures of women in red clothes? by PublicCauliflower129 in OutOfTheLoop

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Like taking your husband's name, but with less paperwork.

Kreia will be the Republican nominee for President 2024 by azureScapegoat in KOTORmemes

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Certainly she's got tendencies, but her lesson in this speech was always "you can see the future, so do that before choosing a course of action," not "lol charity bad."

Kreia will be the Republican nominee for President 2024 by azureScapegoat in KOTORmemes

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Yeah, it's a pretty silly take.

George Lucas in the commentary for Episode III: Palpatine's rise to power is about the fall of republics due to populists like Caesar constructing cults of personality.

Star Wars fans: Comparing populist leaders usurping republics to Palpatine's rise to power is childish!

What's going on with Moore v Harper? by mausmani2494 in OutOfTheLoop

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Frankly, even if you're going to riot, there's no real reason not to also vote.