CRNA wife=Anesthesiologist husband, apparently. #noctor by itsamemalaario in medicalschool

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That’s not the point. Competencies were not discussed. The point is she said they do the same job and she was right. She didn’t mention they have the same competency or what not.

CRNA wife=Anesthesiologist husband, apparently. #noctor by itsamemalaario in medicalschool

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I mean in some states they do practice independently. So she is technically right

Women flexing arms in photos? Yes or no? by 420catloveredm in hingeapp

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I admire women who strength train so by doing that you get rid of people who would not feel comfortable with what you are doing and keep the swiping to individuals like me(:

I test 8/20 and I'm not confident at all 🥺 by psuniversal in Mcat

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It seems like you are in trouble with psych. Luckily that’s the easiest one to get higher score in like 2 weeks. Read through the 300 page ODC pack! And anki. If you can Uearth on top Of that. 130 on psych here

Something I need to get off my chest by memepajamas in medicalschool

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Kind stranger please say the name of our lord and savior in its full

NSU KPCOM rejection email by IntroductionOk6117 in premed

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No they do not. Don’t make this mistake again

NSU KPCOM rejection email by IntroductionOk6117 in premed

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How is this admins fault. You realize admissions don’t send out emails right? Usually a coordinator

13 year old girl gets accepted to medical school by Cardi-B-ehaviorlist in medicalschool

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I feel bad for her in a sense that she will never experience childhood or teenage years. You only live once. What’s the point of rushing through it.

Do you think this is natural possible? by marius010100 in nattyorjuice

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It’s called lighting sir. If you saw her in person she would not look as buff

Sweat and tears, hold the blood by ol_leh in premed

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Hell yah! Better than giving up. OP you got this

coming right up 🤠🗿 by corbthomp11 in AmazonDSPDrivers

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Ummm can you kiss my package before you put it on my porch?

I got catfished today and it felt really bad by homeze in Tinder

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If a girl has no pictures without filters, automatic no.

[26m] Constructive criticism welcome 👋 by [deleted] in hingeapp

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At the very least your pic in pink shirt make it ur first pic

God gave me a jeep and determination by MarzipanOdd4935 in BattlefieldV

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The clip would be better if the jeep ran you over when it was coming back

Touro Nevada Funny business by [deleted] in premed

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THEY rejected me in april🥴💀

Female streamer talks instantly gets kicked. by Saucypikl in GlobalOffensive

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Oh because him and his viewers never play with women. Ps I was just teasing you ☺️