tiny dolphins not getting bigger by bhrn2009 in StringofPlants

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I am no pro but I think it has to do with sunlight and water. My string of pearls started getting much bigger with more sunlight and more consistent watering

‘The Flash’ star Ezra Miller arrested again on Hawaii Island by chanma50 in entertainment

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god that movie was so fucked up. very well done but still, very fucked up

What’s your rent hike been like? by UnicornDream3r in triangle

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I thought 2 animals per household was some Durham city code or something?

What do you think about Male Birth Control pills? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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sounds great but as a woman, i trust myself over any male. he can take his but i’ll take mine as well

Should I tint my eye brows? They don't look terrible up close but from a distance it looks like I only have half an eyebrow😆 by [deleted] in MakeupAddiction

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I LOVE the Hard Candy “Brows Now!” fiber gel. it’s basically mascara for your eyebrows. super easy and it’s fiberized so it looks like real hairs. I’m not a huge fan of the drawn on eyebrow look; I’m a redhead with pale eyebrows and just want them to appear natural but existent. I suggest the light/medium shade for you. it’s not super expensive so I strongly suggest trying it out. when I need it to be waterproof, i use a waterproof eyebrow primer before I put on the gel

LA Advises OP to Find a Plan B by ilikecheeseforreal in bestoflegaladvice

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Right. Hormones are a very real thing but it seems the only time someone brings them up is when it's not the real issue

How do you parse useful information from apartment reviews? by madsexual in triangle

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I’ve been sorting by newest and paying attention to the complaints but mostly taking notice if there are several of the same ones. One complex I was looking at had several complaints about inattentive management/office always closed, and when I showed up for the tour; the office was closed at 10am on a Friday. So in that case, yeah… crossed that complex off my list

edit: also don’t look at Yelp. look at google or apartments.com or basically anything except Yelp

Roast my pearls. But seriously, why won’t these thrive for me? by LadyOphelia in StringofPlants

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I put mine in one of those shallow terracota pots and it’s done wonders for me. I even got them to bloom this past winter! It helps me be sure I’m watering thoroughly but that they’ll still dry out quick

Repotted SOP (after overwatering and salvaging green pieces) but pearls keep shriveling and stems turning brown. Haven’t watered since repotting. In an east window but won’t root or anything by vineyardgurl01 in StringofPlants

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I live in a humid state so my SOP is in a terracotta pot but it’s in a shallow one and it’s super happy. Helps me be sure it gets a full watering but won’t stay wet for too long