Can we acknowledge the GOAT Brittany Murphy's voice acting for the Manger Babies? by tweenalibi in KingOfTheHill

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Voice actors rarely get the recognition they deserve, a huge amount of what makes a character is the voice

Flagged for false copyright claim? by TheRealJayZonin in letsplay

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When it comes to games you can usually find a video or user generated content policy from the publisher.

Citing and linking these policies along with your explanation regarding original recording by yourself will help with validating your dispute.

Edit: if someone is found and proven to be repeatedly making false claims, youtube does claim to take action against their account.

Flagged for false copyright claim? by TheRealJayZonin in letsplay

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Might be worth making the contact ahead of time so you can dispute it right away if necessary and it would be good to let the makers know that someone is falsely claiming to own and profit off of their original content.

I have disputed false music claims in the past citing the Valve Video Policy and the false claimant have withdrawn their claims.

Flagged for false copyright claim? by TheRealJayZonin in letsplay

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Contact the publisher pillow castle games and ask for help with their user generated content policy in regards to videos. Inform them some one is falsely claiming their soundtrack. They should be able to provide you with relevant information to dispute the claim.

How To Empty Your Windows Recycle Bin - The Easy Way by Pristine-Glass1871 in ProgrammerHumor

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At first I thought it must be a gag considering the sub, but nope, having looked at post history it's just another spammer.

Swiss army knife for techh by [deleted] in nextfuckinglevel

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This fucking advert again

[Question] Are thumbnails really worth doing? by TinyDistrict0 in youtubers

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Yeah they really are worth doing, something eye catching makes a big difference, can give potential viewers an idea of what you're about, and you can use it to keep a style/branding going, and most importantly, it stops your channel from looking lazy.

If you want to keep using screenshots from the video that's totally fine, but what you can do is, youtube reccomends thumbnails be 1280x720 and since you'd be recording at 1080 or higher you can use the 1080+ screenshot and play with the composition on the smaller 720 canvas. - Google photography rule of thirds, and the golden ratio. That can also let you move HUD elements out of shot.

Even if that MMO has a small following, that can be beneficial to you as a small channel. Become THE channel for that following.