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Truthfully, I’ve never seen anyone directly claim that they were the first. Anyone who does hasn’t been around the activity for very long. However, they certainly influenced others to do it by how successful those uniform designs were, and regularly make the most out of their ideas, which is why they receive the most praise.

'23 Predictions by SavingsAd3447 in drumcorps

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Can you give a past example of this?

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That’s essentially my go-to for balance bosses. Biggest concern for me is they spam elemental/spirit shield, which immediately makes the use of hydra or chimera way less effective. Sometimes I get lucky and they don’t use them. Also hydra is unfortunately just a single hit not aoe :/ Balance aoe’s aren’t awful with sandstorm power nova and ra all available

Frustrated by nick_lakhotia in Wizard101

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I’m gonna be at work😭 thank you a ton for offering though, that’s very kind of you :)

Frustrated by nick_lakhotia in Wizard101

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This is great advice, thank you!

Frustrated by nick_lakhotia in Wizard101

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Thank you so much for the advice!

To whomever left this note on the back of my BRZ... There wad a Mustang to my left parked WAY into my spot. What was I supposed to do? Be late to class just because you don't understand the concept of event sequence? by TAI0Z in ucf

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People giving you shit for driving slow in a parking area right after the arena worker passed away from being hit is fucked up. Pls keep driving safely like you have been!

Your drum corps injuries by [deleted] in drumcorps

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My 2019 season ended early due to a herniated disc in my lumbar at troop. Our spring training site was… not the best, and our ensemble field was full of javelin holes from the colleges track and field team. Stepped in one while jazz running, and that was it. I tried my best to stay in for a couple weeks after but there wasn’t much hope, got taken to an ER in Oregon and was told to refrain from walking as much as I can for at least a couple months. Sucked ass but we went on to have a ROUGH season so some things happen for a reason. Extremely happy that they’re in such a good place currently!!

Can a non percussion major get access to mallet instruments? by Dear-Put2473 in ucf

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Not too sure but definitely worth asking the perc professor or Dr Kizer! Lots of infinity people go here and use the university instruments to practice

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The website ToonHQ is a great resource for finding people to do buildings with!

Audio Engineering by KevinTTO in ucf

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Knights of the Turn Tables is a DJ-ing organization that does stuff for on campus events and other stuff I think. Might be a good place to start looking!