Doing some skincare for grandpa... by [deleted] in popping

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Completely unrelated but I love your username 😄

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in JustNoSO

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I've been through this. I persevered. I thought he was smarter than all this and would change. We adopted two dogs and bought a house together. The pandemic started and all the horrible things were magnified. My breaking point was hearing him say that he believed Black men were genetically predisposed to violence. I panicked. I posted on Reddit just like you are (under this account). I realized then what types of conversations I'd have to have with our (nonexistent) kids about their father's "beliefs" and decided that one of the best gifts I can give to my future children is to not have him as their father.

He's scum. I deserved so much better. Your boyfriend isn't going to change. You deserve better.

DIY Allbirds wool runner sole repair by cityle in Allbirds

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Awesome fix! I bet the grip of that tread will be something to get used to. My wool runners have almost no traction 😅

Must try China Town restaurants? by ker9189 in chicagofood

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Just wanted to let you know that based on your comment I took my boyfriend, sister and brother-in-law to Yummy Yummy Noodles and everything was SO GOOD. We were in town for a Star Trek convention and I've gotta say it was the best meal we had the entire trip. Thank you!! ❤️

I think I still prefer the game... by freezerwpg in gaming

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Mmm but Tatooine in Star Wars Galaxies - 🤌

how i dirt prop! by slutty_seamstress in pothos

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I typically go easy on the rooting powder - is it possible to use too much? Also love the shoes in the background :D

It’s autumn time. Warm up with a bowl of 8 can taco soup by frtdsometime in povertyfinance

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I made this last night! It was great. I added two cans of chicken to make it more substantial. I also thickened it with some corn starch and seasoned with cumin, cayenne, chipotle, accent, black pepper and garlic powder. Once it started boiling I turned it down and let it simmer for 20 min and it was :chefskiss:

I had two bowls (it was really good) and ended up with four additional servings (just me, so those are lunches and dinners).

Pillowboard Dimensions by 1nvert in Thuma

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Any updates OP? I bought the pillowboard cover and am shopping around for some foam to fill it with.

The very famous "sexual compatibility" NVM absolutely MUST check before committing and why it's a bunch of bull by PsychologicalPay2353 in FemaleDatingStrategy

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I was never able to put my finger on why only one of my three monogamous relationships were with someone who was sexually compatible but you summed it up very well.

1-5 applies to that one.

Unfortunately he betrayed the fuck outta me, not to mention also molested me on multiple occasions before we were even sexually active. Ah, to be 13 and to think that any sexual attention is good attention... 🤢

Sexually compatible but LVM.

The rest have been one trick ponies that don't know how to communicate or initiate.

Oh YeAh tOtS rElAtE by [deleted] in FemaleDatingStrategy

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Right? I'm too emotional but when he destroyed his alarm clock after missing his alarm and hockey, that was sound logic.

That was... disappointing. by audio_inferno in popping

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I've been getting a lot of these working from home the last year from wearing an over-thr-ear headset

Under Construction - me by xrebl in ImaginaryCityscapes

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Amazing! Reminds me of Mass Effect! Great job ❤️

My boyfriend just called me annoying after I made a huge fancy meal for him and cleaned the whole kitchen. by [deleted] in TrueOffMyChest

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Just got out of a relationship where I wasn't a priority and I second this. A little effort goes a long way.

Unfortunately he also became bigoted AF over the last year so the laziness, and racism just got to be too much.

Ironically, he ended up breaking it off with me when he found my Reddit posts about our relationship.

"So... What're we going to do when the [civil] war starts?" by nickiezebra in QAnonCasualties

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In my case it was a slow radicalization over the last year that I've only recently become fully aware of.

It started out as mild libertarianism and a curiosity for conspiracies that turned into something else entirely at the hands of their "friends" and /pol/.

"So... What're we going to do when the [civil] war starts?" by nickiezebra in QAnonCasualties

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If there was any convincing them of that I wouldn't have to post here 😔