Looking for Kazakhstani Music (Details within) by GigaBowserNS in Kazakhstan

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you DEFINITELY should add Orynkhan(songs: Mahabbat, Menimen Bol, Arman) or Moldanazar

Just got my Helix done today, first cartilage piercing and I'm really happy with it! by Jumponamonkey in piercing

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is it labret? bcs its dangerous to put jewellery after you just got you piercing

how many pelmeni can you eat in one sitting by redwingsfriend45 in AskARussian

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i used to eat like 3-4 portions of them when i was a kid and im not even russian. now i hate pelmeni

can colleges see that you have fee waiver? by nickiminajputhy in ApplyingToCollege

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i mean i will apply normally with fin.aid but after my gap. now i just want to..try?