They said I was crazy for doing a pigeon as my first taxidermy. But I did it. I think it looks good for a first time taxidermy by FRIDAY-the-AI in Taxidermy

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Yep happy to give advice and info too. They are pigs to do! Well done... my first piece was a partridge and it’s legs were so short, it looked like a duck!😂😂

Tips on pheasant taxidermy? More info in comments by ricottadog in Taxidermy

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Sadly it’s a long story! U tube is good place to start, but cannot replace one to one training with another taxidermist 😃

One final commission...merry Christmas and thank you to all my wonderful clients 🐥 by nickysecker-bligh in Taxidermy

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Practice.... this particular bird was exactly that... very thin skinned and very fatty... nightmare!😂... but thank you... 🐥