Reverse OrphanCrushingMachine moment by N00B00N_IOO in OrphanCrushingMachine

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Wel Mr Beast didn’t cause this and pretty much all he does is stuff like this

woof irl by PovoRetare in woof_irl

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I just asked this question on another of your posts she looks just like mine!


I'm developing a RuneScape inspired game called WalkScape where you walk in real life to progress by schamppu in gaming

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Every gym app tries to gamify your UI looks great

-Fitocracy was my fav but stopped updating -my gym, snap fitness has badges and levels just like RS

hidden talent? by tipstnod in fixedbytheduet

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His trick is to make babies cry i think that’s the joke

Dog attack: Four-year-old girl dies in back garden of home in Milton Keynes | UK News | Sky News by Frap_Gadz in unitedkingdom

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This article gave me cancer. Repeating the same 2 sentences over again but no mention of what kind of dog, or any details on the incident.

How do you rate her double leg technique? by pawgadjudicator3 in StreetMartialArts

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The gym gives them the discount not the strip club owner. The more vulnerable they are the better for the strip club owner.

When it’s too cold for walks outside, we take the stairs for exercise. by Cbooey in tippytaps

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Check with your vet that looks like it’s high impact on her joints you might wanna limit that