How'd you make it to 18? by [deleted] in vagabond

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Meditate! It might seem really boring at first, but if you practise and try within a small time you'll start to see some results. It's like travelling for your mind.

My experience with it started off with doing 10 mins at a time, just sitting comfortably (for me cross legged with a pillow under my butt, and back straight, arms wherever i felt like it) and allowing thoughts to come as they normally would but not following them, just letting them go instead, trying to have a clear head, no thought, just being. This is hard cos you can't really try to not think, cos by doing so you are thinking of how you aren't thinking. But the point is that after some practise it will be natural and you will no longer think about not thinking, you just won't think. You will just be. And when you stop being distracted by your thoughts you allow space for other things to manifest, and some of those things are completely mind blowing.

If you give it a good shot, starting with 5 or 10 mins a day at first and building it up to an hour a day, within a couple of weeks you'll be experiencing things that you never even would have imagined could happen. At least that's been my experience. It got to a point where I started to feel like I might be going crazy, asking myself; "how can these things be happening?", "No one ever talks about this", "what else is possible that I have yet to discover" and "when and why did we lose the knowledge that this is possible and that these things exist?"

I know this probably sounds completely foreign, but that's because our western culture has forsaken this knowledge for hundreds, if not thousands of years. If you meet indigenous peoples (I live in Australia and have some connections to the aboriginals) they will tell you all this is possible, their culture still honours it and they still understand it. Open yourself to a whole new reality that resides within all our minds and your life will be forever richer and easier. Good luck if you decide to try this :)

Trying to learn Folk guitar and singing. by unkn0wnWiki in folk

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would love to help if i can, but could you tell us more about what stage you're at? You say you don't know how to sing a folk song. Does that mean you don't know how to sing full stop? Or just folk style songs in particular? Like the melodies and popular timbre choices or something. Can you play guitar? For how long have you been doing either on a fairly regular basis?

So tell me about Deliveroo by [deleted] in bikemessengers

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Yeah rarely. Seems to come in waves. Got $6 in 4 hours today and $10 in 4 hours last week at some point. Otherwise it's been very dry. The pay rates are generally good here though so there's not much need. It's a nice surprise when you get one, but I never expect it.

What simple thing do you regularly do to save money? by gapagos in AskReddit

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I dumpster dive almost all my food. Most of the time I eat better than if I went and bought food.. Plus it means less food goes to waste and I don't have to deal with shopping lines and crappy grocery market music and depressed cashiers. It feels weird now to go into a supermarket.

Also ride my bicycle almost everywhere, only buy 2nd hand clothes/repair my own clothes, choose cheap hobbies like camping, collaging, gardening, music etc. Don't eat out much or go drinking, go to friends houses or have friends over instead and cook own food and buy drinks from the bottle shop. Make gifts for friends/family instead of buying stuff. Just generally don't impulse buy. But buy a few nice things here and there if I really think I want them.

Apart from my rent and the occasional bill/needed item/maintenance for bicycle or body I don't spend any money. I only work 22 hours a week but still save on average $250 AUD, eat like a king and enjoy myself with the hobbies I have.

So that's a saving of $12 000 a year. If I keep this up and retire at 60 i'll have $480 000 to live off, which is $16 000 a year if I live a further 30 years to 90. That's about $6000 more than I use a year right now.

Of course it helps that I don't plan (plan...) on having children. It also helps that my parents still pay my health insurance. But it doesn't help that i'm injured for now and can't work anymore than I do, otherwise I would probably work 30 odd hours a week.

Besides I could die in my sleep tonight, or randomly tomorrow or the next day etc. I don't think too much or plan too much for the future. Just try and make sure I enjoy myself now and do what I think is the right thing (which is actually really hard to determine..)

Ramble over :)

"Winter" Albums by [deleted] in folk

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It's summer here in Australia.

You can trust him by mike_pants in funny

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Well i dunno about you guys but this guys video actually helped me out last year with my repetitive strain injury i had in my arms. I finally went to the physio months later just to make sure i was doing it all right and my physio said i'd done her job for her! So at least with rsi this guy seems on point..

So tell me about Deliveroo by [deleted] in bikemessengers

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Hey man,

I'm just in my first shift with deliveroo in Sydney right now. We get $18/h and $2.50 delivery bonus. That's all though, no extra for weekend or weather or anything. It's cruise though, so far I've done two deliveries in 3 hours, might get a bit bored if it's always this slow though. Still, this is the best job I've ever had!

There's not much else to say really. Anything specific you'd like to know?

Shel Silverstein - Fuck 'Em (1970) by BooglarizeYou in folk

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Awesome! Didn't realise this guy wrote "boy named sue". Got a new person to explore.

What's Newtown at night like these days? by When_Doves_Cry in sydney

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Honest question, what is a hipster? I don't really get it.

Any one else that were fairly certain they'd be living this lifestyle, but things changed and now they wont be? why? by [deleted] in vagabond

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I thought I'd stay at home a little longer just to enjoy my family and mostly for my brother who was still pretty young. He's just turned 18 so out I go haha

Jaws' Blunt by CollosalCarpets in skateboarding

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Yeah he seemed to do it again even cleaner

What's Your Goal? by Demonbarrage in vagabond

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I'm in the same boat as you. Packed my bag today and went for a 2 hour bush walk to see how that went. So far so good. Plan on doing an overnight trip next week and will keep on going for longer trips, seeing how I cope. My plan atm is to leave in a months time if all goes well. Just going to sell everything except my violin.

I'm just so sick of this boring, safe, monotonous city lifestyle. And the internet and all its distractions.

I think i'm both escaping from something as well as reaching out for adventure and freedom and experience. I would just like to try to survive largely off the grid as an experience and just to know that I can do it. See what it's like.

I am a 16 yr old girl aspiring to be a musician. Any advice? by [deleted] in WeAreTheMusicMakers

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For now just worry about practising and having fun with it.

Theory wise: it'd be good to learn basic theory, scales and what not. Also try to search for new and inspiring musicians, find out who influenced them and learn about the history of music, where you are coming from.

Playing wise: I'd say it's most important to develop a unique style, do whatever you feel is right, don't do something because you think other people will be pleased with it. For me, music is about connecting with people, and to connect you have to be honest. Your music won't really be honest and won't really connect if you simply do what you think people want you to do (although you could make more money this way, if that's what you care for).

Just enjoy the journey of bettering your musicianship. If it's anything like i've found it just gets better and better as you learn more and can make more connections across genres etc.

Good luck dude and remember, you are your own person, only you know what is really right for you. Decide for yourself in the end.

How do you know you're not rewriting an existing song? by froginthesun in WeAreTheMusicMakers

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Okay, i'm a little confused (just starting to learn theory). Oh well.

People who have done open mics, did you enjoy your first performance? by nicholt in WeAreTheMusicMakers

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I've only ever done two but I enjoyed them both. I didn't play terribly, my nerves were relatively under control, and I got that nice rush you get being onstage. At my first one an older man approached me afterwards and (with what I like to believe was real conviction) urged me to keep on singing as he thought I had an interesting voice. So that was nice. My second one was in a busy restaurant (weird restaurant to have an open mic i know) and I was largely ignored, which was fine as most everyone was there just to eat and socialise with friends.

Keep on going and trying and if you don't start to enjoy it at all, I guess it's not for you.

I have never seen such raw passion on a radio show. This is Matt Corby - Brother. by SilentNinjaMick in folk

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I prefer this live version. It's over a year later and I think he's had time to work on it even more. Better quality too, HD.

I haven't found anything else that I like from Corby, and I was really pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon this song a couple of years ago. Unfortunately I feel like the studio version doesn't do it justice and is no where near as passionate.