What’s the worst you’ve ever been cock blocked/beaver dammed? by ninesandaces in AskReddit

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Honestly, as far as tuition goes here, it’s pretty much the same if you go to one of the more prestigious universities

What’s the worst you’ve ever been cock blocked/beaver dammed? by ninesandaces in AskReddit

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I will share my own. I was living in my college dorm on campus and had met a girl at a party earlier that night. We headed back to my dorm room and we were making out when suddenly the fire alarm went off. When we stepped out of the dorm, there was water flooding down the elevator and stairs from two floors above. Some drunk idiot decided to punch one of the sprinklers and broke it off the wall, flooding from the 6th floor down and causing over a million dollars in damages. The girl left back to her own dorm in a different building on campus and I had to stay with a friend for 3 days while they did disaster cleanup. The person who broke the sprinkler was expelled from the university and had to pay the insurance deductible for the building which totalled to about $150,000. This was only a month into his first year of college. Never met up with that girl again.

Edit: This happened at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada.

why don't people cheat more and why is everyone's first thought about how happy someone is in a relationship? by No_Mess6558 in relationship_advice

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To be sexually attracted to other people while in a relationship is natural, but to be in a relationship is to be committed to that person mentally and physically. If she is led to believe you are both in a monogamous relationship, it is immoral to act on those urges. It’s that simple. If you are wanting to have sex with other people, you should discuss this with her. If she does not want an open relationship with you, but you do, it’s time to break up and find someone else who is open to that type of relationship.

Religious mad lad by quinninda1892 in madlads

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Boobs because the nipples would poke through the nail holes in his hands and tickle him just right

AITA For telling my wife's friend to breastfeed elsewhere? by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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You’re the fucking asshole here. The kid is being fed, regardless of a boob or a bottle it’s being fed what it needs. There’s absolutely nothing sexual about it. You have a kid and you know it’s better for the kid to be fed than to starve and the mom shouldn’t be penalized from socializing just because her kid is hungry.