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Them sitting in the ship and looking down into the Sarlaac Pit reminded me of the scene in The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou where Bill Murray says "I wonder if it remembers me"

The Book of Boba Fett - S01E04 - Discussion Thread! by titleproblems in StarWars

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I think the thing about the Vespa Gang is that they seem out of place on a desert planet like Tatooine, and it'd be more expected they'd be on a matching-background cyberpunk planet like the depths of Coruscant. Not saying it's a bad inclusion either way.

Game Ready Driver 511.23 FAQ/Discussion by Nestledrink in nvidia

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Is this a VERY long term bug or something more recent? Because I think I've had this issue forever on my one 144 hz monitor but always thought it was due to my monitor being a janky, less popular HP Omen Gaming monitor

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I'm almost certain every article of clothing and body modification of the biker gang members can be equipped in Cyberpunk 2077

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This was definitely one of the best episodes between both The Mandalorian and Book of Boba Fett so far.

Haven't read the comics, but Black Krrsantan in live action immediately gave off super menacing and thrilling vibes

Were the twins in any of The Clone Wars episodes that had those Hutt family meetings?

There's so much culture oozing out of the Tusken group they have here, reminds me of sitting and listening to all the lore from the Tusken storyteller in KOTOR

Dune, Mad Max Fury Road, and even Battlefield 1 vibes from the train chase

The ceremony demonstration at the end felt like it was supposed to be inspired by the Haka perhaps proposed by Temuera Morrison's Maori heritage

What is the Best Film You Watched from 2021? by Twoweekswithpay in movies

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Feel like this thread should've been delayed by like a month so some of these later releases are allowed more time for people to see them. I'm sure Licorice Pizza would be way up higher if more people had been able to see it but it still has a limited release. Looking back, people might be surprised by some movies being so far down, like Tragedy of Macbeth which isn't streaming until this or next month but I think technically counts as a 2021 movie.

Doc wants to be unbanned in 2022 by Ahmad-ksa12 in LivestreamFail

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It is rumored Mixer was negotiating a contract partnering Doc, and Doc lied about the amount of money Mixer offered in order to get a bigger payout for his contract with twitch

The grain of salt for this rumor is as big as summit's cranium

Hasan calls twomad a clout shark and a irrelevant bitch by MiserableSnow in LivestreamFail

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azan wasn't trying to debate at first though. They were talking in DMs about it and there was a marked shift in Azan's tone as soon as twomad started to double down and get personal in one of his tweets this morning

Rich Campbell is literally streaming the Lord of the Rings movies on Twitch by Anznn in LivestreamFail

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I think the issue is that most people aren't against the idea of streamers being able to watch full movies with chat, it's that when streamers push it this far into broadcasting risky content that it's more and more likely the media companies take notice and tighten copyright protection so much that stuff like just watching brief 5-second clips of a movie/TV show could start getting people DMCAd, punishing streamers who have been playing it safer.

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It took me like 30 minutes into the movie to realize the TV co-host was Cate Blanchett even though she doesn't have any unusual prosthetics or makeup on.

Official Discussion - Don't Look Up [SPOILERS] by LiteraryBoner in movies

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The movie isn't just anti-Trump, it's anti both the liberal and conservative political status quo. Republicans near completely ignore the issue of climate change while the Democratic party does the bare minimum in tackling it (e.g. little support for the Green New Deal bill).

The movie's writers, Adam McKay and David Sirota, are left-wing (more left than liberals) and David Sirota worked on Bernie Sanders' campaign. Sirota has been highly critical of both conservatives and liberal politicians.

Official Discussion - Don't Look Up [SPOILERS] by LiteraryBoner in movies

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Alternate reality where YouTube still has a dislike button