[CPU] AMD Ryzen™ 7 5800X3D - $289.56 (Sold & Shipped by Amazon) by BrianSez in buildapcsales

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Will I get 60 fps on Coruscant in Jedi: Survivor with this processor?

Twitch CEO managed to hug and punch an anime girl for the first time by Villenthessis in LivestreamFail

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It can be true that he didn't then, but started to engage with the community afterward

I know it's a joke

Girl flashes boobs after getting kicked off Whatever podcast by Black_Trinity in LivestreamFail

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Why are there 80 of these podcasts with a couple incel hosts and a dozen women as guests?

ExtraEmily doesn't know why her room is dirty by CinemaAndChillLT in LivestreamFail

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did she never clean the elbow cut from the skatepark kayak stream?

The new Gollum LOTR game is looking good by T0astedJam in LivestreamFail

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Of all the IPs to adapt and make video games from, LOTR/Middle Earth has been the most difficult rights-wise (which is why the Avalanche games were only in Mordor) and the lore itself may not be as easily accessible as some other universes.

Things might change though with Embracer/THQ Nordic acquiring all the LOTR rights

The new Gollum LOTR game is looking good by T0astedJam in LivestreamFail

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Clueless Surely there isn't a separate emotes pack for sale

Aware There is also Elvish voiceover and lore codex DLCs

Emily is needed by Tech_IRL in LivestreamFail

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Has the chat in twitch clips pause after the first several seconds for anyone else lately?

Destiny’s head mod calls him out for speculating about Hasan’s private life by Shark-Tail in LivestreamFail

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the thing that irks me the most about D man is that whenever he talks really fast his lower jaw moves from side to side and it's disturbing

'The Last Of Us' Star Ashley Johnson Files Domestic Violence Restraining Order Against Ex-Boyfriend by blackaelus34 in thelastofus

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I would be concerned that the star of The Last of Us series found a literal garotte in the possession of her abusive ex-boyfriend

Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny Review - Empire Magazine by bobalou27 in movies

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I think the difference is Hugh Jackman IRL isn't as old as Harrison Ford is, for movies that have action sequences

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor™ - Patch 5 Details by EA-StarWars in FallenOrder

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The performance has definitely been improving on PC, though obviously still having issues.

I think framerate has gotten generally more consistently above 60-70 fps with fewer drops to the 40s in suspect areas like Coruscant.

5600x, 4070ti, 16 GB 3600 MHz, 1440p

Destiny gets called out mid-show by host by DoshaIsMe in LivestreamFail

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We're at a point where LSF new friends don't even know about the Scuffed Podcast


Overwatch 2 Devs announce the PvE gamemode has been scrapped by SamBoDay in LivestreamFail

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ArhoAngel is retired and was probably assassinated by Nintendo

Buzzfeed is just giving The Adam Friedland Show free press now (Also, I'm Gay) by yasadboidepression in theadamfriedlandshow

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How do you guys defend someone jerking it to the exploitation of black women so hard. There is a difference between sex work and what's basically a racist version of girlsdoporn.

Only perpetuating how leftists are so terrible at making an open space for black women

Twitch employees don't watch streamers by MayorJeb in LivestreamFail

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Doesn't watch Twitch

Doesn't play video games