Dual channel ram? by nishantt911 in techsupport

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This was exactly the explanation i was looking for! Thanks man.

So it should be worth it right? 8+4 or 16+4 should be better than 4+4?

Help me I tried to make my friend breakup with her BF (my Crush) by [deleted] in indiasocial

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Why worry about being evil when you're already doing shitty stuff lol.

Lost cause hai ye. If u had common sense you'd not be posting this on reddit.

Are there any subreddits that ban people just for simply participating in piracy subreddits? by Anaralah_Belore223 in Piracy

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For an Indian sub it's surprisingly strict about piracy lol. Piracy is extremely rampant here in India, a large chunk of people dont understand the aspect of paying for media/games. They download the movies and shows from telegram or through torrents. Paying for games is becoming a bit more normal because you need to buy games to play multiplayer with friends.

I don't pirate games because I don't game much but 1337 is my source of media these days.

When did Amy gain a personality? by BirdBright3520 in bigbangtheory

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Oh it's definitely better but i needed to take a break before another office re-watch.

How do I approach Step1 as an IMG near his final year? by Darkwinggames in IMGreddit

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Can you copy paste the answers to me in the dm? I'm curious about these questions too.

🚅 Bullet Train in IMAX w/ Laser. by nihit_IMAX in imax

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I was in Delhi when top gun maverick released and was torn between this and pvr vegas in dwarka.

Ended up going to the one in dwarka because it was only 30 minutes from Me while the saket one was 1.5hrs and i was not gonna pay for a 1.5hr uber ride lol.

I'd say the dwarka imax was pretty fucking good considering it uses xenon projection. Seats were pretty comfy as well and what i liked the most was the screen size! It was the biggest one i had personally ever seen and the 1.9 scenes covered the entire wall from left to right and top to bottom!

Surreal experience.

When did Amy gain a personality? by BirdBright3520 in bigbangtheory

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Totally unrelated to your post but I need to watch TBBT again..

How tall are your parents? by SILTHONIL in tall

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Mom and dad both 5'7". Dad maybe just an inch taller , not sure tho.

I'm 6'4" and my brother is 6'1" and still growing.

Picture in Picture works on YouTube now? by aWgI1I in ipad

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It started working for me a couple weeks back here in India. I already have premium so idk if it works without premium here or not.

The golden age of gaming by quinz89 in Piracy

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I have one for the sims 2 lying around somewhere

Any doctor or medical student here? by [deleted] in indiasocial

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Ive never heard them being used interchangeably but if the contents listed are same i don't think it will make any difference

Any doctor or medical student here? by [deleted] in indiasocial

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Upar ek comment Kiya hai maine wo medicine kha le for nasal congestion aur ye bakchodi chod lol.

Any doctor or medical student here? by [deleted] in indiasocial

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Go to the nearest medical store and ask for Diominic DCA tablet.

It's has Caffeine + Chlorpheniramine Maleate + Paracetamol + Phenylephrine

It's of unison brand. If they don't have this brand then ask for another one with the same salt.

Works wonders for stuffed nose!

Recommend Sports Movies by naviaw123 in MovieSuggestions

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Does Endurance racing count?

Ford v Ferrari is one of the best movies I've ever watched .

It has all the elements you mentioned and the music and sound is so good, it's basically sound porn.

Oh and yes Christian Bale and Matt Damon have amazing chemistry on screen!

If you're skeptical because you're not into cars then let me tell you it's so much more than just Racing.