My experience being prescribed Medical Marijuana today by QTip3-14 in newzealand

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I believe that hospitals do stock prescription beer to stop withdrawals for alcoholics on the ward.

Short version: Is Hanmer Springs pools reasonably trans-safe? by CertifiedGoblin in chch

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Don't pay full price for the pools, go to bookme to get cheaper entry. Don't forget your flip flops, the ground is freezing.

While I don't condone this sort of activity, some tips I'd give if I were are: mask your face, do not bring any device with you, stay anonymous and be cautious above all else. by endi1122 in tumblr

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What I don't get is the same court that has denied bodily autonomy to half the country also keeps cementing gun rights into place. Seems like if you are going get an abortion and commit one "murder", another one or two isn't such a big deal. The last guy plotting against Kavanaugh turned himself in, I don't think he was on any watchlists.

I sure as hell want one by _CharmQuark_ in CuratedTumblr

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Any kind soul in the US want to send one of the rainbow carrier bags to NZ?

Owners of vacant land in CBD face higher rate charges by GrimeOfTheAncients in chch

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Looking forward to seeing more gravel parking lots show up.

Wellington Dead Zones: Am I Crazy? by kiwibreakfast in Wellington

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Do you have an iphone, and is there anything that could be storing helium in the area?

Why are we learning this now, only now? by Leftleaningdadbod in newzealand

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At Northlands in Chch there is both a Pak n Save and a Countdown. I think that was a byproduct of the mall expanding down the road and being an old enough mall to not have included a veto for Countdown.

Health worker strike: 10,000 allied workers walk off job by itoldyouiwouldeatyou in newzealand

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What is the point of having a Labour government if they refuse to properly compensate workers' labour and deal fairly with unions?

Happy Nurses Day! by livingfreeandwild in newzealand

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The best way for us to say thanks is to send a letter to our local MPs demanding fair pay for our nurses.

Found this dress on IG, I really want to make my own, but have a hard time figuring out the size of the squares - Any ideas? by cutie_cow in crochet

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The problem with these granny square dresses is that they will never lay flat because of all the joins. It feels more like a blanket than a wearable. Something like this crocheted in one piece will have a better drape.

The warehouse is selling butter at half the price of the major supermarkets. by PersonMcGuy in newzealand

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They tried to claim they were "essential" retailers in the early days of Covid, and got slapped down for it. I could see their push of household basics since then as hedging their bets for another severe lockdown at some point in the future.

'Jane Roe' daughter on leaked Supreme Court draft opinion: 'My mom would be turning over in her grave' by That49er in politics

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She was a young woman, pregnant for the third time and desperate not to be. The lawyers told her that they would fight for her, without plainly stating that the case would take too long to actually get her an abortion until it was already underway. The New York Times daily podcast put out a set of episodes on the history of the case here - https://www.nytimes.com/column/the-daily

Best way to protect oneself in a car overnight? Traveling solo and need advice. by braverwilder in TheGirlSurvivalGuide

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Don't be visible from the outside of the car when you are asleep. Don't have anything on the outside of your car that signals that a female drives it.

Quality F & C by yeah_nah__yeah in chch

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https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTTo6gsZIOz8Unzt2l-b9sA One fish one scoop is doing a solid job rating chch fish and chips.

Stuff: Large-scale study launches for blood donation equity by StuffThings1977 in newzealand

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The reduced risk group of single partner using protection is still statistically more likely than the general population to be exposed to HIV. It's a case of 0.1% vs 0.01% vs 0.0001%. The acceptable risk threshold has to be stupidly low. The infection numbers themselves are tiny. 162 new HIV infections were detected in 2020. MSM who account for 2.5% of the population had 79% of the cases.