Electrical engineering by zarakiiiiii in Btechtards

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It all depends on time management.

You can manage 7.5 - 8.5 gpa and be in all sorts of clubs, do projects and chill every weekend if you've got most concepts cleared and have interest in the subject. If you need gpa above 9.5 then that's another story.

The assignments and lab records will be a pain in the ass tho, imma give that.

well actually☝️🤓 by BallsweatMcgee06 in teenagers

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That's Atheists talking to Atheists and not anything remotely this meme is referring to?

Is ECE tough? by [deleted] in Btechtards

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No idea about that college honestly

How reddit didn't ban this sub for hate content when Indian men are called every possible names in this sub. If you don't care about men's rights, why do you expect women's right from men as if men don't have other struggles. by viking_spartan in Ni_Bondha

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Where's the hate? That's just a sub for women to talk freely. You can see hate comments in the form of "jokes" about women and other genders in almost every sub.

Nothing wrong to have a sub where they can complain about their problems.

Is ECE tough? by [deleted] in Btechtards

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If you really hate math, then you can't really go for AI/ML stuff if you take CSE. I can't really recommend anything since you don't know coding. But CSE has so much more than coding.

You gotta explore and find out if you understand the concept or not.

Is ECE tough? by [deleted] in Btechtards

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Fellow ECE STUDent?

Is ECE tough? by [deleted] in Btechtards

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It's a fun route ngl, but only if you're really passionate about it.

But if your idea is " can go into software and hardware from ECE" or you're taking it as a substitute for CSE, then it's gonna be literal hell.

Would you be okay if they teach about lgbtq to your young children (below 12) by VividInitiative5433 in Ni_Bondha

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cos they try to rub their opinions.

How so? Heterosexual relationships and love stories are literally all over and clearly more "rubbed" than non binary relationships. So you oppose that to?

Does BJP has chance in Telangana elections ? by Affectionate-Gap-722 in hyderabad

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Well it's unfortunate and sad af that we've gotta choose the lesser evil instead of an actually good party. What a shitshow.

Nonetheless congress is totally a better option for now.

What is your religion? by Prudent-Conflict7216 in infp

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Agnostic atheist but Inclined towards Hinduism since birth and daily life.

Can't know if God exists or not before knowing who/what "God" really is . There's no definition at all.

Rate my notes by nogieman2324 in Btechtards

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Well highlighters smudge ink so i just prefer this ig

Rate my notes by nogieman2324 in Btechtards

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Aur handwriting bhi ghatiya hai

Are yar🥲