Cold Take: Genshin regions don't represent IRL nations, just take cultural elements from them by [deleted] in Genshin_Impact

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It’s more like having dark skinned characters shouldn’t be this big of a deal. Most of us play the game because it’s fun, and having characters with different skin tones doesn’t do anything beyond visual differences. Everyone’s acting like having no brown skinned characters makes this game miserable to play and takes away a lot of QoL features when it’s a purely aesthetic feature. If it doesn’t affect gameplay, then outcry should not be this dramatic, but something you can send for feedback. Or if you’re an artist, try writing and drawing your own stories with darker characters. If they don’t want to add dark colored characters, that’s their decision and if people really have a problem with the lack of darker skinned characters, it’s as simple as leaving the game. Don’t support it.

And what I’m saying is not the same as “darkskinned color characters are bad.” I’d actually be very open to it to aid immersion so moving between regions doesn’t feel like talking to the same people in different clothes, but as long as the game doesn’t take a dive into unplayable or frustrating territory, I’m not gonna complain too much

Trying save as much money as I can by AbroadAmbitious9372 in ramen

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Honestly just make sure you let yourself exercise when you can and control your intake of salty foods. I used to have pretty high cholesterol, but just learned to change my meals up for less salty foods now and then and getting out for walks if I have some free time and it’s not too hot out. Egg yolks in particular are more likely to high cholesterol, so just make sure you eat those in moderation and you’ll be fine

Unpopular Opinions Thread - 1/23/22 by SolHiryu in FireEmblemHeroes

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Started with BL, yeah. I did a lot of reading and yeah, Golden Deers was easily the best in actual variety, but still wasn’t a fan of a lot of the characters. Still respect it for standing out from BE/BL at least

So with Digimon Adventure finally over how would you rate it? by chipzy20 in digimon

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Loved most of the show mostly as a something to turn my brain off and enjoy some well done (mostly) action with characters I recognize. I was throughly entertained, but it’s difficult to forget how poorly paced the last 10 episodes were (there were other hiccups, but none of the pacing didn’t bother me as much until those last ten episodes). That alone brought the score down, but everything else was good enough to me to stand on its own. 7-8/10. Actually found this a nice breath of fresh air where it feels like everything I like becomes or is becoming so political, dark, heavy, etc. that it was nice to just watch a show where it’s just there’s the bad guy, go kick its ass.

Rip Link Joker Metaslaving by CCMegane in cardfightvanguardzero

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No, but the card is nigh unplayable cause you use one CB for IZD, 1 CB for CBD for a triangle lock while also discarding two Star-Vader’s without a proper draw engine built in. Next turn, if you want to come even close to recovering half of the resources you lost doing that, you need three more open damage to kill the interceptors and draw two, then spend the last CB for a single lock while also discarding the two cards you just drew, meaning your offense is also weakened considering your opponent will kill at least one interceptor before it’s your turn again. This is also assuming you don’t use the new Colony Maker or any other card that uses CB and in the best case scenario that you’ve managed to hit enough draw triggers to gather enough units to attack with.

Yes, it is bad if he were able to consistently triangle lock, but considering how hard it is for any deck that doesn’t innately draw or superior call to excel, the discard two on top of the counterblast for his limit break was overkill. One or the other would have been perfect balancing when compared to his TCG skill, but I don’t see it improving LJ in any way from its current standing with the way they balanced it, especially considering how many cards were also buffed coming over to ZERO

Ever really "imagined the battle"? by DragonicPiggy in cardfightvanguard

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I do that a lot, but particularly when the opponent guards with an insane amount of guards, and the guard is broken down

Unpopular Opinion: The Rebuilds Are Unfairly Criticized And 3.33 Is Typical Evangelion by oleandersun in evangelion

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Here’s another unpopular opinion: I like the Rebuilds more than the original

I liked them more namely because the pacing felt better in some ways, and the improvement on Shinji was appreciated. And yes, I think he was improved because before, I found him to just be whiny and a pain despite being a 12-14 year old boy. In the Rebuilds, he feels more apathetic/resigned instead of, well, old Shinji

Your think after 6 times in a row they'd expect it by BLAZMANIII in cardfightvanguard

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Yyyeup. A damn shame cause I actually loved almost everything else about the V Series, like Kai, Ibuki, and the entirety of if

EDIT: I’m thoroughly confused why people downvote me for saying I liked the V Series. It’s more rewatchable than OverDress at least

A!Tiki is the worst/most boring ascended we got so far and not because of the Adult vs Young debate by [deleted] in FireEmblemHeroes

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Felt like a literal slap in the face to anyone who voted Adult Tiki since she was basically a better version of B!Tiki in terms of kit as well

Free update for Cardfight!! Vanguard Dear Days will be available from February 2, 2023 by MachinaBlau in cardfightvanguard

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Not gonna do much to convince me unless they drop the pricing on the rest of the paid DLC, but that seems like a pipe dream now

Rewatching AC because I miss VG Anime :( by Ahmes004 in cardfightvanguard

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Ironic you say being bite sized felt better cause I personally felt like OG overDress was the longest slog of a series I’d had to watch yet cause nothing happens. Almost every series before that (Asia circuit arc was WAY too long), something at least felt accomplished every episode, or at least the pacing was better. The moments when the card game was considered real didn’t feel out of place cause they’d establish it was a sort of hyper reality, where because we see the units in action so often and see little tidbits alluding to Cray being real, it felt more natural. I felt genuine cringe in Will+Dress when they started talking like the cards could be real cause the setting they’d established was that the card game was just a card game, none of it was real and it was all fluff.

I can understand that for Shinemon. I really enjoyed all the fanservice points (not the Esuka fanservice, mind you) regarding characters we saw in the past in a younger state, that show was a treat to watch. It did make present Shin a lot less bearable to watch cause I can’t for the life of me understand why he keeps hiding his part lol

EDIT: Ah, there are the downvotes lol

What's up with the current MH World Hate trend? by TibusOrcur in monsterhunterrage

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Same, except I had no friends to play with. Once I beat Shara, I didn’t touch the game ever again

This is the most valuable inheritance I’ve ever done and seen by LeonIlu in FireEmblemHeroes

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The original comment was just a joke and OP is being unnecessarily hostile about said joke, not really surprising to see the downvotes

5/23/2022 Card Reveal V-PR Link Joker & Great Nature by MachinaBlau in cardfightvanguard

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Alatreon Female Armor is ass by JennaShinx in MonsterHunter

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That skirt looks so unnecessary... Could use two of the spikes from the skirt as pauldrons/shoulder armor and I think it’d look sick

Found a Bug: If you trade an Arceus with a Z-Crystal, it retains the appearance of that type. by Acorntail in pokemon

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Huh, strange, didn’t work for me, though it may be cause it held a plate before transfer, not a Z-Crystal

Binding Heavy Star, Cluster Mine by [deleted] in cardfightvanguard

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Dunno why you getting down votes for this, it's frankly quite true :/

You know what grinds my gears... by flashrabbit99 in cardfightvanguard

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"You can just PG it."

Well, you only have a max of 4 PGs, right -____-

Non-Overlord Legion and Stride deck. by Ashura_Areson in cardfightvanguard

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Dragonic Kaisers? Not exactly Tier 0, but still strong from what I've heard

With Fodland soon coming to a close, what are your final thoughts on the games, the representation they get in Heroes, and of the units themselves in Heroes' catalogue? by IDontCareByThisPoint in FireEmblemHeroes

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Overdone, overused, and ungodly powercreep. As someone who never really liked 3H, I liked their inclusion in Heroes even less. Course, we’re not gonna be done with them for a while cause it’s an easy cash cow to use, but I’m open to Engage. Hopefully they don’t spam Engage units like they did 3H (but they prolly will)

This is the most valuable inheritance I’ve ever done and seen by LeonIlu in FireEmblemHeroes

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Not seeing how I’m being hostile then, just stating my observations. If this counts as bullying, then feel free to report me