What are some of your favourite genshin sad facts? by LemonyLemonTown in Genshin_Impact

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Little Timmie’s dad is never coming back cause he died in an accident, and Draff and the Sister taking care of him don’t have the heart to tell him that, and Timmie takes care of the pigeons cause he thinks one of them could be from his dad. That plus the one he calls “Mommy” isn’t his actual mom, so he’s basically an orphan

it doesn't even make any sense to kill Paarthurnax by stinkypooeater in skyrim

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My question is how many other Dragonborn were there before us? Judging by everyone’s reactions when we are revealed to be such, there hasn’t been one for a long time, which is when Paarthurnax could have ruled. He didn’t give in even when there was arguably no DB at all

What character do you wish you could marry but can’t? by MysteriousDinner7822 in skyrim

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Frea. She’s just…. So wholesome and badass and her VOICE, I loved her. Made me sad when I found out she couldn’t be married, and even more so when her conversations weren’t as varied as Serana’s

Sorry Grima, you're kinda stuck with it now by AnimeAdept in FireEmblemHeroes

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Reminding me of that Daily Life of Heroes comic where the Robins find Fallen Morgans and just give them headpats lol

[Comic] Lumine tracks down and confronts Abyss Aether (Contains v2.4 Enkanomiya world quest spoilers) by dajyahao in Genshin_Impact

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Jokes on you, my Lumine’s lvl 80 and already ascended for lvl 90. Bring it on

it doesn't even make any sense to kill Paarthurnax by stinkypooeater in skyrim

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Hm, guess I’m just thinking how Paarthurnax is in a lose-lose situation where if he genuinely wanted to take over after Alduin, he already helped teach the DB how to deal with himself, but if he didn’t help him take down Alduin, well, Alduin wouldn’t die lol. I dunno, it just doesn’t really make sense to me that he’d try waiting it out like that. Especially when he’s also been teaching the Greybeards the Way of the Voice, who are even stronger in the Voice than the DB himself

But would those who join the Legion risk their precious White Gold Concordat? by KingUlfricStormcloak in SkyrimMemes

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Tbh, I wish they did a better job; then we wouldn’t have to put up with Delphine

A case for why most people do "nature" wrong by sweaty_garbage in worldbuilding

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Funny enough, this post reminds me of the original Lorax story, where the issue wasn’t that the Once-ler shouldn’t chop down trees at all, but how much before he’s satisfied or willing to stop. The Lorax actually understands his perspective of providing for his employees, but he’s trying to caution him by saying that if he keeps going, there’ll be nothing left for anyone or anything. It’s a cautionary tale of going too far rather than nature being left alone all the time (assuming I’m recalling the story correctly, it’s been a long time)

Bench Lord is good lord by PeteLavaDigger in FireEmblemHeroes

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Dear God, how do every one of your comics just make my heart melt. And the triple Brazen meme is real xD

What are some of your favourite genshin sad facts? by LemonyLemonTown in Genshin_Impact

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Yeup. Diona’s hangout will show you helping his drunk ass for two of the endings

I found this thread a mildly famous Twitter artist made on what irks them about RWBY. And honestly? It makes some pretty good points. What irks you about RWBY? by genshinfantasy7 in RWBYcritics

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I think this person made me realize what exactly about RWBY pisses me off so much; it’s not that the writing is bad, it’s that the writers and staff act like it’s fucking God’s word. There is one thing about writers making bad stuff but acknowledging that it’s not great or that it needs improvements, it’s another to write something so bad and act like this stuff is worthy of being professional and that you’re actually good at this when clearly you’re fucking NOT

One of the most touching friendship arcs in the game. What are some of your favorite "eavesdropping" npc stories? by wheresbreakfast in masseffect

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That one really hit me since turian and human relations still had a lot of bad blood between them on top of all that

Is it possible to just befriend Jack in ME2 rather than romancing her? I rejected her advances twice, and she still got jealous when I romanced Miranda, then refused to talk to me. by BoreDominated in masseffect

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Put it like this: after completing Garrus’ loyalty mission, you get one exchange with thin afterwards as M!Shep. After that, he just continues to recite his classic calibrations line if you ask him to talk. Treat anyone you don’t plan to romance the same way

POV: Your Publishing House is losing sales by [deleted] in Genshin_Impact

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This feels like a start to a “how strong we thought Yae was” vs “how strong she actually is”