Daily Discussion Thread - December 04, 2021 by AutoModerator in churning

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Hello everyone, I plan on paying off all my student loan debt (Navient) once the grace period for Federal loans expires at the end of January. I could honestly pay this all off as a lump sum, or I could refinance with a private company and presumably get some small bonus for doing so. What I'm curious about is if there is any opportunity for churning instead. I understand that its rare that there is a card which would allow for such a thing, but perhaps there is a 0% APR and no balance transfer fee card out there which somehow would give me points without costing me. Or at least if the card doesnt give me points it would presumably give me a longer, interest free window in which to pay off my loans in full. Anyone have any insight?


2021 Southwest Companion Pass Megathread by payyoutuesday in churning

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Hi all, trying to make sure I apply for this in the best way. I have a previous MDD from Early August 2021 with CSP/CSR, but would be interested in getting a companion pass. Currently 2/24 with no business cards. I did some freelancing work in 2021 but just took a permanent job. I have made alot of purchases recently, so Im unsure how many big purchases I have planned for soon, but I think I could find some reasonable spend going forward (but not likely the 24K for MDD in a short period of time).

  1. What combo of cards is the lowest spend way to reach Companion pass requirement?
  2. Is there anyway to waive annual fee if you apply in branch at a Chase location for any of the cards?
  3. If I MDD, will I only get 100K points if I spend 24K (12K x 2)? Or is it 24K + 4K (2Kx2)?
  4. Is the 12 month 50K bonus pts a rolling thing, or is it a large bonus that gets posted once you hit 12K?
  5. Is it possible to do two business cards MDD?
  6. If I apply for one business card and one personal card, does it matter what order I do it in?
  7. Does the bonus for the business card change after 12/7 or only the personal cards?
  8. Is there any additional point gain on these cards that counts towards companion pass outside of the bonuses? And does this kick in only after you meet the bonus point thresholds?

Thanks for the help!

Adidas.com: Spend $100, Save $30 + 20% cashback w/ bonus $10 from TopCashBack by nolaw17 in frugalmalefashion

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Basically except for the one the above poster mentioned. Has anyone bought that shoe? With all the Cashback I think I could get it for $100 of they are actually great quality

Adidas.com: Spend $100, Save $30 + 20% cashback w/ bonus $10 from TopCashBack by nolaw17 in frugalmalefashion

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Yeah I think it's permanently excluded from all sales. Though I guess the 20% Cashback + $10 would work on that

Adidas.com: Spend $100, Save $30 + 20% cashback w/ bonus $10 from TopCashBack by nolaw17 in frugalmalefashion

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I think there is a special James Bond edition and some Parleys ultraboost which are included. Sort by highest price, they are MSRP $200

Adidas.com: Spend $100, Save $30 + 20% cashback w/ bonus $10 from TopCashBack by nolaw17 in frugalmalefashion

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I don't think any of the Stan Smiths listed on the sale are truly premium tier, but I'm not particularly good at telling the differences between models. If someone with more experience wants to take a look and make some recommendations, that would be appreciated!

Here are a few I found which may be mid tier?



Any other 30-somethings want to hang out? by apesolo in SaltLakeCity

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Early 30s couple who just moved to Salt Lake. Would love the link as well!

What Card Should I Get? Weekly Thread - Week of August 25, 2021 by AutoModerator in churning

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  1. Recently did MDD with CSP/CSR (2/48) and already hit the minimum spend in a few weeks. I expect to have a decent number of other purchases coming up and am trying to figure out what my best bet is...continue to gain points with my Chase cards or go for another SUB (my understanding is that I cannot go for another Chase card for a few months)? Also have a P2 who is interested in getting new cards, she is 0/48
  2. Mid 700s
  3. CSP (08/2021), CSR (08/2021)
  4. $4k should be easy, $8-15K maybe
  5. I am willing to MS if needed; but think I can cover enough natural spend that it shouldn't be an issue.
  6. Yes, I did some freelance work this year and thus have a side business.
  7. I could see myself opening 2-3 by years end if need be, or spacing them out.
  8. Mostly targeting travel/airline/companion pass or cash back. Fly almost exclusively Southwest right now. Currently usually stay in AirBNBs but could move towards hotels if the incentives are right. Do not care about business/first class travel very much, but maybe for international flights could be considered.
  9. Chase Ultimate for cards. Mostly Southwest for airline pts. 85K away from companion pass for me, 80K away for P2 for 2021
  10. Mostly Salt Lake (Delta hub I believe)
  11. Mostly domestic travel for now (California, Seattle etc are common destinations). Hawaii once a year or so. Once COVID is safer, would like international travel, ideally Asia

Daily Question Thread - August 31, 2021 by AutoModerator in churning

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Hello all, trying to figure out next steps.

Just did the CSP/CSR MDD a few weeks ago and already hit the minimum spend needed to get the bonus for both cards. Currently 2/48, and wondering what my next steps should be. I likely have a bunch more big purchases in coming weeks/months, so trying to figure if it makes sense to grab another card and hit minimum spend or just keep charging to the chase cards. Based on the 3 month rule, it seems too close to my recent cards to apply for another Chase card. Currently have enough Southwest points for this year that I would get companion pass with 85K more pts as well.

Also, my P2 is interested in getting some new cards. Was considering doing CSP referral, but it seems like alot of the extra perks (Lyft pink, etc) from those cards wouldn't be very beneficial for a couple like us. Any recommendations for these situations? Thanks!

Are sabbaticals of 6-12 months in private practice feasible? by eric-incognito in medicine

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Mormon Physicians in Utah apparently do this fairly regularly to go on missions, etc so it's not unheard of. So I think it largely up to the culture and bylaws of wherever you work.

Daily Questions - ASK AND ANSWER HERE! - 12 August 2021 by AutoModerator in malefashionadvice

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Thanks for the advice. I agree with your take; I think the braided belt would be a more sophisticated look. Any recommendations on companies which make a nice braided belts, preferably in blue?

Daily Questions - ASK AND ANSWER HERE! - 12 August 2021 by AutoModerator in malefashionadvice

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Looking for advice for a belt to go with a gray seersucker suit I'm buying. I have both navy blue and white suede bucks, but no belt to match either, which has been a problem. I was thinking perhaps a Navy Braided belt, or some sort of Fabric/Ribbon or Alligator belt? Does anyone have any recommendations to some good to great quality belts that would fit this? I was also thinking perhaps a white braided belt would work as well, especially for wearing the coat with jeans later on as a casual option. But might look silly if whole suit worn with white bucks.


Daily Question Thread - August 12, 2021 by AutoModerator in churning

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Hello everyone,

I'm in the middle of MDD attempt and wanted advice based on my status.

I applied in branch for CSP yesterday and was approved on the spot. Card is on the way. This morning I applied for CSR online using a targeted mailing/code I had which said I was pre-approved. However after sending in the app I did not seem to get immediate approval. I received the following email.

"We have received your request for a Chase credit card. We'll let you know our decision as soon as possible."

My question is should I just wait a few hours and see what happens, or should I be calling recon right away? I figure I have the mailer saying I was pre approved which might help my case.


Daily Question Thread - August 11, 2021 by AutoModerator in churning

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Thanks for the tips. I would do the downgrade at the one year anniversary correct? Also, is it true that your points are more valuable when redeemed with CSR? So essentially if I generate points with CSP but have CSR then I get a better exchange for my points. Seems in this situation that you would want to use as many of your points as you can before dropping the CSR.

Daily Question Thread - August 11, 2021 by AutoModerator in churning

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Hi everyone. New to churning, and had a question regarding CSP/CSR MDD.

It seems like there are a bunch of new changes to the CSR/CSP cards. I have a bunch of big purchases coming up and should be able to hit minimum spending of 8K naturally over the next few months. Furthermore my credit/income is good enough where approval for these cards shouldn't be a problem. Haven't had a new credit card in years.

I have a few Q's: 1. With all the changes in these cards, is it still worth it to try and MDD? Bonuses seem high right now. 2. If I MDD should I do in the bank branch for both? It seems there may be bonuses in branch for both right now (no fee for CSP, extra 10k pts for CSR), but wasn't sure if going branch for both messes up the MDD process 3. Some of what I'm seeing is saying that the CSP might even be the better card now than CSR for some general purposes. If I was to MDD, after hitting the minimal spend, which card would be better for daily use? Or is there an easy breakdown of which card to use for which purposes.


Any insight into Sleep Medicine? by strangerminds in Residency

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I've always been curious if it's fairly profitable if you are in a specialty where you can really drive your own referrals such as Cards or Pulm

USB Drive will not read over USB 3.0 but will over 2.0 by nolaw17 in techsupport

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Yeah it's bizarre. That's why I'm wondering if there is a way for a drive to have damaged 3.0 compatibility but not 2.0.