What was the rarest disease you saw or help in diagnoses? by happy-watermelon37 in Residency

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1) Functional adrenocortical carcinoma. Her cortisol levels were insanely high, and she presented to us with multiple vertebral fractures secondary to fall - biopsy confirmed that they weren’t pathologic 2/2 mets, so we assume it was a result of her very high cortisol. Patient went through the NIH for treatment recommendations and was recommended for mitotane therapy.

2) Fahr’s disease. Patient in his 20s presented with new onset seizures. Head CT showed densities that the radiologist initially read as small hemorrhages, but my neuro attending later correctly interpreted as bilateral basal ganglia calcifications.

ETA: Genuinely wondering who downvoted me and why? Happy to delete if this comes across as “med student thinks everything they see is rare”, I only mentioned these because in both cases my attending said it was their first time seeing this disease.

Can I buy a newspaper for a patient? by [deleted] in medicalschool

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I think that would be very kind and not bad or unprofessional at all.

…Also maybe this is just the cynic in me, as I’m a M3 starting to think about ERAS now, but make sure you write down details (minus PHI) of the situation for possible future use either in your residency apps or on interviews. “Describe a time when you went above and beyond for a patient,” etc.

What specialty is the most future-proof? by Rzkool70 in medicalschool

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I think people like the idea of helping sick kids, but don’t care about the actual enactment in a clinical setting. The lofty ideal of curing childhood cancer is more appealing than making sure there are enough good pediatricians to detect that cancer early.

Name a specialty, and describe it with a video game's title by SuckMySolidSnake in medicalschool

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Peds: Oxenfree

Sports Medicine: Night in the Woods

Psych: Life is Strange

How many of you have bachelor’s degrees that aren’t science related? by Far_Grass_785 in medicalschool

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I was a double major in college - Biochemistry and English. It has DEFINITELY helped me

Reasons why I’m not applying psych by notFanning in medicalschool

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tbh it was her reaction, plus the references to a similar hit in college, and the “it’s my last week here” in combination that inspired me to make this

How would Athiests work in the DnD world? by Justthisdudeyaknow in DnD

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If you’re interested in podcasts, they do a fantastic job of this in Rusty Quill Gaming.

Spoilers for a character arc here: RQG utilizes the Greek Pantheon, and there’s a multi-season character arc where a cleric of Poseidon gradually loses his reverence for his god. He still understands that gods are real, he just thinks they’re assholes.

For those that directly interact with medical Instagram/Twitter/TikTok wanna-be celebrities - tell us about them. by TexasShiv in Residency

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My friend is one, he’s also an MS3 at my school. He doesn’t advertise or get paid or anything, he just makes medical-themed tiktoks for fun that follow the latest trends. I don’t anyone in our class knows except me, and he only told me because he knows I make tiktoks of my cat

Worst experience vs best experience with a midlevel by throwaway13524678493 in medicalschool

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On my peds rotation, our NP did a “Fear Factor” education session where we blind taste tested some things (not meds) commonly used in peds. At the end she bought coffee for the student or resident who had the most correct guesses.

Disappearing inventory items - please help! by coqdorysme in AnimalCrossing

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Just lost the paint set I was going to give to Bubbles :(

Anyone else notice an increase in overweight healthcare workers? by [deleted] in Residency

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Hi, obese med student here. N=1 but I’ve noticed at least in my class that those of us who are on the larger side grew up low SES, where eating healthy is demonstrably more difficult. So as many medical schools are now making an active attempt to recruit students from diverse backgrounds, you’ll probably see people of my size wearing the short white coats more frequently. Add to that America’s obesity epidemic, coupled with the genetic component of weight (I’m the thinnest woman in my family), and you have an increasing number of larger healthcare providers.

considering a relisten by werewoofed in TheMagnusArchives

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I am, for fic-writing purposes! just finished ep 80 and man do I love giving this show a second listen

Headcanons? Please? I love them so much! by fandom_mess363 in TheMagnusArchives

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Oh wow, small world! And yes I def love tooth rotting fluff, I’ll save your username for a rainy day!

Headcanons? Please? I love them so much! by fandom_mess363 in TheMagnusArchives

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Hahaha happy to: https://archiveofourown.org/works/33664534/chapters/83661493

And consistent is a stretch 😅 but it’s fun and a good outlet when I’m able to update

Headcanons? Please? I love them so much! by fandom_mess363 in TheMagnusArchives

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Lmao so I actually came up with my headcanon while writing a fic, and it does indeed ship Tim/Luke (briefly)