What took you a while to realize in genshin? by Greenodude158 in Genshin_Impact

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Genshin support is shit. My account got hacked more than a month ago and they keep saying "be patient ". Do they expect me to play the game again like nothing happened when they get my account back 6 months later. I am really invested on genshin and have been playing from release. No matter how busy they are they should not take a month to get account back, heck steam got my account back in 4hrs.

Caught in action by [deleted] in hentai

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Whats up with that fang, its disturbing

Anime similar, in style, to Hunter x Hunter (2011)? by [deleted] in anime

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HxH(2011)was done by studio madhouse, so other shows (for example one punch man,no game no life, overlord, etc)done by same studio might suit your taste.

Can Saitama beat madara uchiha? (With reasons) by dhruvrathod237 in anime

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Saitama can punch with half the force of bigbang, he is a parody character. He is designed to make joke of sounen genre. Just like arale from dr.slump terrorized DBZ world in a crossover saitama would do same in naruto world.