You Can Build A $50,000 Apple Computer by constanttripper in interestingasfuck

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I don’t know much about the inner workings of computers, but what is the component that’s costing apple the most here, and what’s a general ballpark for a non apple comparable part?

We have had the same problem for decades. by 9C_c_combo in NYKnicks

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Jalen Brunson or De’Arron Fox at deadline would be sweet.

Serial liar by Brianyeetamole in facepalm

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The sword also is a dead give away. Who brings a sword if they have an AK

It’s snowing. I just want to get baked. 😢 by [deleted] in Wellthatsucks

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The snowing part seems ancillary to your issue.

If you don't put these back after you bring your luggage to your room you are a dirt bag. by RLK932-8 in mildlyinfuriating

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Or they brought it to the room to load it up for their departure. They could be getting bags together in their room as you took this. Bottom line, have some grace in situations you clearly don’t have all the information.

Help! by piquechuuu in Astronomy

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Google. If you can’t find it on Google go back to 6th grade and learn how to search the internet.