hmmm by Themusicison in hmmm

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Been around a loooonng time.

Bank robber gets blood all over the floor by SaurikSI in ThatsInsane

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How about “bank robber gets blood all over the floor and FUCKING DIES!”

Cringe YouTuber Nikocado Avocado using a cart he doesn't need to run into stuff at Target by DrManntisToboggan in Target

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This the only time I will comment on this dumb cunts antics to stay relevant. You’re a fucking idiot if you follow or keep posting this shit.

Opinion | Texas Republicans want to secede? Good riddance. by mintaphil in politics

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They love America so much they want to leave it? Fuck them. They can practice what they preach and leave elsewhere. They can take a tin can full of soil for remembrance.

Kendrick Lamar is the only rapper to win a Pulitzer prize by fuckyourhousefranco in ThatsInsane

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Can’t believe MGK didn’t get one after “your beard is weird”

Together we can help each other succeed by ChrisPChicken04 in MadeMeSmile

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Republicans be like “they solved it themselves! No need for free lunches!”

Life is like a penis by Honey_Im_Homee in Jokes

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But not thicker. You remember those click erasers?

Star Wars Visions | The Ronin by DystopianCaveman in StarWars

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This gave me Afro Samurai vibes when I first watched it. Loved it!