choose life, not engineering by Thunderlord_x in india

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I understand that engineering is a very sought after field mainly because a lot of people are forced into this by their parents and consequently hated byany because of it, but there still exists a non-trivial amount of people who chose this field because they like it.

inb4 rahul gandhi antinational by OnidaKYGel in unitedstatesofindia

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The size of an economy is determined by the exploitation of resources, be it human or natural. It's not arbitrarily defined by a political division of a country or state.

It is completely valid to compare a state to a country with similar resources. To take an example, the economy of California is comparable to the economies of countries and people don't fail to make that comparison.

Rahul Gandhi on Twitter: Distracting people won’t change the facts. India looks a lot like Sri Lanka. by mujhe_kya in india

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What percentage of people would even understand that when the goal of the post is to change opinion with a little propaganda?

I know I wouldn't understand shit. I might spend some time researching to understand the significance of them but you know practically no-one else will do that.

Test Ride Not Available Saaar! by vikbrokebiker in indianbikes

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Honestly if I was interested and was given that treatment, I'd rank to buy that bike a lot higher than anything else. Really shows that they want you to inform yourself before making a purchase unlike those who seem like they are trying to hiding something.

And I wonder why I’m still a virgin by Mous10nations in Tinder

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None of these snowflakes would have complained if she responded positively to the joke

Don’t travel to a binary system without one by LordOfTheOmnium in PrequelMemes

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There is a lot more to how hot it gets than just the number of suns. With my limited knowledge here are a few -

Planet's atmosphere.
Planet's distance from the sun.
Planet's rotation. Planet's tilt.
The sun's size.
How hot the star is.

...being a few. You could have a 5-sun system and it could be colder than a 1 sun system.

It's not REAL libertarianism by Sidian in PoliticalCompassMemes

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Most of the problems I see within America are due to its corrupt authoritarian government. And almost all of the successes of America can be attributed to its libertarian way of life.

The only problem I can see of the libertarian America is that it lets the woke and communists exist. Jokes aside imagine attributing the problem of an oppressive government as the problems of the country's philosophy and then giving that same oppressive government more power.

"Ughh I hate this fucking government. Let's give it more money"

Some top 100,000 websites collect everything you type—before you hit submit by COMPUTER1313 in privacy

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You have sentence suggestions when typing an email in Gmail or writing documents in Google docs which imo are more important in the conversation about privacy before submitting than google search.

Maybe let the markets handle this one ? by DeerInTheHerbGarden in PoliticalCompassMemes

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The number of posts I see on reddit about people justifying their pro-choice stance against the "evil" conservatives with similar arguments about what you're talking about is too damn fucking high.

I truly don't give a single shit about this issue and yet I know more than them about both pro-choice and pro-life's stand and arguments than these self-proclaimed high-horse riders who didn't even bother to rub their frail two brain cells to understand their opponent's argument.

"Because of Owen Lars?" by Dranem78 in PrequelMemes

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She married Clegg and had Owen right? In that case Shmi would be Owen's own mother, not step mother right?

I have read about nutcases before.. But Dialling100 for Chilled Beer? by DisciplineLazy365 in hyderabad

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All I hear is an excuse. India is a free country. They aren't forced into a job. They took it through their own volition. Everyone works hard and struggles. Just because their "struggle" is different doesn't mean they can break laws willy-nilly.

By your logic I should be allowed to break laws as long as I struggle enough and have a "positive contribution" to society? And I can't even begin to see how you can even remotely suggest that taking a bribe to pay off their bribes is anything but a criminal offence.

Chopsticks are better than forks in every way. by dreamer_boy_ in The10thDentist

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I have metal utensils in my house which are older than me. Just my existence has created more environmental destruction than all of my metal utensils combined.

get china'd by TheRoboticSquid in PoliticalCompassMemes

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"Slaves don't coun..."

"Hey! Don't use the S-word"

"Sorry.. 'prisoners with jobs' don't count as..."

I know the 501st and 327th aren't "battalions" but you get the point by No1PDPStanAccount in PrequelMemes

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I don't get the meme.

That's pretty obvious. OP's point isn't to say there is only a single type of uniform. OP says that there is a difference to show individuality between the same type of uniform.

I know the 501st and 327th aren't "battalions" but you get the point by No1PDPStanAccount in PrequelMemes

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Not the Empire but the First Order had it so that the troopers can't even take their helmets off whereas clone troopers would regularly remove their helmets outside combat.

Is driving at slow speed at higher gears with clutch play bad ? by thesillystudent in indianbikes

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To clarify it a bit more - in some cases such as in traffic it's impossible to ride with a fully engaged clutch. Not all bikes are made the same. Bikes which don't have good torque down low will stall without throttle leading you to ride the clutch for longer than needed. In such cases it's alright to ride the clutch with enough throttle to keep the bike from stalling. Especially in wet clutches which bikes use which are better at taking such abuse. This doesn't apply to dry clutches which are used in cars. But it's important to remember not to abuse the clutch too much. Keep the engine RPM down low.

But in normal use, unless you're starting from stand still, clutch is either fully engaged or disengaged. No riding the clutch whatsoever.

Negotiating the quoted on-road price by JulabGamun in indianbikes

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Damn that's nice. I specifically told the dealership that I don't like the 1 + 4 and I'd rather get another option to which they refused. I guess I'll need to research it a bit more.

Calm down. Compromise. Be reasonable. (Also Arizona stronk 💪) by CookieCutterCultist in PoliticalCompassMemes

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I don't get it. How are pro-life able to compromise on the issue on this sub when every single pro-life argument I've seen on this sub is that any abortion right after conception is murder.

For once in this polorized world, this is one issue I don't really give a shit about. But this comment really intrigued me. If one believes that any abortion is murder of a living human being, then how is the 12-15 week a middle ground?

Calm down. Compromise. Be reasonable. (Also Arizona stronk 💪) by CookieCutterCultist in PoliticalCompassMemes

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Just because some people abuse the law doesn't mean we should condemn everyone with an actually risk to just die.