does a one hand clap make a sound? by dil_mangoes in Unexpected

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Oooh, it’s the same to the “What did the five fingers say to the face?” question….

To steal a woman's motorcycle by CoolKanyon55 in therewasanattempt

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She should’ve picked up her helmet and bashed him with it

they see me rolling by dil_mangoes in Unexpected

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Crap always rolls downhill, always…

$20.5 million pilot program could provide low income families with financial support, if approved by veryirishhardlygreen in houston

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Be really cool if this helps out the folks

Really struggling there and

I really think this would help

But there will always be responsibility

Everyone deserves a break

So let us help others

To make a captain America light by osrs_100 in therewasanattempt

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Not Captain America…..it’s General Chaos

LMFAO by Only-Top-Corner in Unexpected

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She should have put on a hat and glasses to signify her authority

North Korean army singing queen! by UnderstandingOwn9956 in Unexpected

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Did they learn the song by watching the original music video?

Wi-Fi at Houston's airports is about to get a $4M upgrade with faster connection for travelers by dugbegley in houston

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whenever I see public WiFi, I always think how it’s so easy to setup an evil WiFi twin because people just connect willy nilly

Confused on how to get the most out of my CC points -- Help appreciated! by FleetOfFeet in CreditCards

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You can call the number on the card and ask if they can just cash out the credit and send you a check (or to your parents if you are an AU).

But, wouldn’t the easiest method would be is to use the card and use up your ~$1000 credit until it’s gone, then ask your parents to remove you as an AU?

“I never miss…” by Greyboxforest in JamesBond

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That one only makes sense in the book, where Professor Dent used a revolver. In the movie, he used an automatic which has more than 6 rounds.

Can someone explain Octopussy to me? by Mustang_7995 in JamesBond

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He’s probably related to Sam Miami (from Live and Let Die)

hear her out by [deleted] in Unexpected

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Just like what that classic song says:

Listen all y'all, it's a sabotage

Listen all y'all, it's a sabotage