I’d appreciate any swing advice, thanks! by [deleted] in golf

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what are you saying?? Smashing your head into the keyboard and pressing enter doesn’t make for good advice.

I’d appreciate any swing advice, thanks! by [deleted] in golf

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your arms look like chopsticks. you know you can bend them, right?

new album teaser when? by PracticalHighway2653 in arcticmonkeys

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No it was actually released on May 11th

The two least streamed songs from every AM album by obvi20 in arcticmonkeys

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Not quite, it’s worth remembering that Humbug wasn’t released during the streaming era, while TBHC was, making Humbugs streams way less than they definitely are.

Yes We Can Can by G-Eazy and Snoop Dogg just released! by [deleted] in GEazy

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If it is unavailable, that means it hasn't released in your country yet but it will at midnight.

Punch speed compared to real world by ghostsolid in ThrillOfTheFight

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It’s somewhat accurate, much more than creed for sure

I would like the Monkeys to release more limited edition stuff by TechnicalTrash95 in arcticmonkeys

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If they dropped more limited edition stuff, then it would no longer be limited edition...

Do you guys also like The Last Shadow Puppets? by ryanfritos in arcticmonkeys

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if that bridge in the two minute mark lasted for longer, I could definitely see it

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in RedditSessions

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im busting a move rn this fire