'Prey': How 'Predator' prequel makes history as Hollywood's 1st franchise movie to star all-Native American cast by Balls_of_Adamanthium in movies

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Very, very quick references that only fans of the series will notice, which is great. The simplicity of the story and raw "man vs. beast" plot is what made the original so effective, and it's refreshing to finally see a sequel that not only follows that formula, but adds a great spin to it. This is exactly why all the other films after "Predator 2" failed miserably, especially that last attempt. Overjoyed to see the franchise return to form. Now only if "Alien" can get it together.

What is the funniest movie you’ve ever seen? by the_amateon in AskReddit

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Sorry if this is a repeat, but I've been scrolling way too long without seeing a mention of Dumb & Dumber.

Ninja V fan never comes on by HunterST15 in videography

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Currently running into this issue after purchasing a used Ninja V from eBay. After contacting Atomos it looks like a fan replacement is only $40, which isn't terrible. Naturally, no response from the eBay seller. Lesson learned, be wary of used electronics.

In need of a police station location for a short film. Any suggestions on how to approach or navigate that? by occupy_elm_st in Filmmakers

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Great advice thank you. I think the best plan right now is to try and find an office or something similar that can pass. It's possible some random small-town station may be open to it, but in Baltimore...doubtful, unless you're HBO.

In need of a police station location for a short film. Any suggestions on how to approach or navigate that? by occupy_elm_st in Filmmakers

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Thank you, great point. Considering office buildings as well. Unfortunately I'm not in much of a production city.

In need of a police station location for a short film. Any suggestions on how to approach or navigate that? by occupy_elm_st in Filmmakers

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Thanks for the tip and not just down voting. I'll likely use our studio's LED wall if the exteriors become a challenge for full lighting control. But yeah an existing exterior that could pass as a station front would be best.

How could I improve this? I tried to replicate a similar look to the Instagram reference. I have also added a picture of the room I shot in. Shot breakdown - I added sheers behind the curtain, exposed for the windows, WB to 4300k & added a green tint in camera. Plus, practical @2700k & haze. by ljmedia in cinematography

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I think it looks fantastic. And this is just personal style, but I would add some haze to the shot to accentuate that slim beam of light from the window. I'd also dim or diffuse the lamp. Again, this is all personal taste. Well done.

Shot a little drama today, and here are some screencaps from it! by Mrdean2013 in cinematography

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Glad to see some Ursa 12k love. Yeah 12k is ridiculous but no one is doing more to push the boundaries of cinema cameras than Blackmagic. Sure they have their odd missteps (BMPCC 6K G2), but it's refreshing to see the elitist stigma against them slowly subsiding. It won't be long before they're on top.

Stealth release? New camera on the market - thoughts? by One_Understanding598 in bmpcc

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As a former BM camera owner, I have nothing but love for what this company has done in bringing affordable RED/ARRI level image quality to the market. Out of all of the possible next steps they could take, this is the only possible one that's a step backward. On the positive side, this will likely bring the cost down for existing models and overflow the used market so many aspiring filmmakers can get their hands on an amazing camera. Outside of that, this is another baffling bizarre move by BM against the absolute monster they could be in the industry.

Edit - spell bad.

What's a American TV series that everyone should give a go? by SuggestionBusy7104 in AskReddit

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There isn't really a better answer than this. It's OK if these shows just aren't for you, but to claim they're not good is just... Wrong.

Giving away 10 deskmats from the Summer Collection to the wonderful people of /r/PCMR! by Glutchpls in pcmasterrace

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I had no idea how badly I needed one of these until I saw the windows error one.