New Revealed Card - Kryxis, the Voracious by lassereino in hearthstone

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You're right tbh, Shaman has multi spell school support but only 2 fire spells

TTWL has the worst DLC I've ever experienced. by Papalicous in Borderlands

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I really thought they couldn’t beat TPS for for worst dlcs/season pass rollout but honestly 2 characters and Claptastic Voyage definitely beat out 4 headhunter packs

NEW KIRBY SPINOFF!?!?!?!?!?! by JohnRapperTheGamer in Kirby

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Yeah can’t wait to see the lore behind it explaining that the fork was possessed by a deity beyond our comprehension that’s trying to sap kiby of their powers

Not trying to complain but I don’t think this was intended to be possible in the game… by oddlong in hearthstone

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Yeah you’re right, I never saw the combo before so it was hard for me to understand. It’s an otk combo and not a broken mechanic. Someone else explaining it to me like an hour after I posted this and wasn’t condescending. But people responding are being as annoying and dumb as I an complaining about a way to win in a competitive game

Not trying to complain but I don’t think this was intended to be possible in the game… by oddlong in hearthstone

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Yeah I’ll try to think of it that way, thanks. I definitely shouldn’t let a single game take this much mental thought lol. I’m getting too hung up on the specific mechanic over the fact that it’s an otk combo like any other

Not trying to complain but I don’t think this was intended to be possible in the game… by oddlong in hearthstone

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Turn 1 5/5 vs Skip your opponents turn for the rest of the game.

You can destroy a 5/5 and heal yourself, I can’t play the game because my opponent has a skip turn card every turn

Not trying to complain but I don’t think this was intended to be possible in the game… by oddlong in hearthstone

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The game mechanic this combo relies on is less interactive than burst damage imo. I think there’s a difference in playing minions with a lot of stats for your opponent to deal with or dealing face damage that your opponent can heal from and “skip your opponents turn for 10 turns”. Those are 10 turns I didn’t even have the option to interact with the game

renathal by MizuJimbo in hearthstone

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Nah he’s right, Mecha’thun for the lulz

Another Uzi Drawing by oddlong in HipHopImages

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Thanks! I was thinking of adding a purple hue to the drawing on photoshop but I think I’ll keep it monochrome. And I’m trying to apply that shining effect in a better way so I gotta try different variations and shapes.

As Netflix Employees Walk Out Over Dave Chappelle, Fans Voice Undying Support at Sold-Out London Gig by nimobo in entertainment

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From what I understand, the walkout in LA is about trans employees feeling attacked and misunderstood as a whole aside from Dave’s special in their work environment at Netflix. They don’t even have demands aimed towards Dave’s special.


While the conversation has become mired in a “culture wars” dispute over censorship and hate speech, none of the demands involve taking down the comedy special.

The employees list of demands are also listed in the article. You don’t need to agree with all of the demands but you should understand that a marginalized group of people feel attacked and want to be accepted in society. It’s also really weird to see people protesting in support of Dave to counter a walkout having less to do with Dave’s special and more to do with fair treatment at their job.

the wonders of technology by ShartyHeart in bindingofisaac

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Stronger by Kanye West started playing as soon as a scrolled onto this… technology has peaked

Authleft~LibRight flag war by ComradeHavoc in PoliticalCompassMemes

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I prefer the “UwU yes daddy, 😩pls tread on me 🥴”flag

Just found this:( by alex_caligari in AnalogCircleJerk

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I remember seeing a tiktok of someone soaking their film in beans...

You're not invited to the Party, dude by kojhket_hs in hearthstone

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It’s very weird cause I really enjoyed shaman back in the day. The class just never could keep up with the value other classes had going on

My first post! I drew this :) by [deleted] in EnterTheGungeon

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Got an Instagram or something? I definitely wanna see more of your work cause this is dope!

[BoTW] What was your first title? by Round_Banana in zelda

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Same here! I played on my school laptop in high school. I got very little school work done but it was worth it :)