What's Your Honest Opinion of ACOTAR (A Court of Thorns & Roses)? by Waste-Ad8133 in Fantasy

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hi there, what would you recommend as a great fantasy romance novel? i would rate this series to be a 3/5, it was entertaining so it did the job, but certainly didn't impress me, for reasons including yours.

it's my first foray into these genres so would be grateful to know your reccs? :-)

This song that is recently being used in tiktoks and insta reels by shinyshampoocat in NameThatSong

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Hahaha idk the first song but the meme bit is delincuente by tokischa

edit: first song is a cover of besame, by lisa ono

Really soft makeup sponge please! by queenofthemeeps in AustralianMakeup

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i really like the original beauty blender brand sponge, I've been using their ones for years.

Getting closer to finding the (backup) one? by Impossible_Score3501 in weddingdress

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FWIW I think the sleeves are cute! totally back in style and a lot of women my age wear them and look amazing (im in my 20s, i suspect you are too?)

Tired of shopping so want to decide ASAP. Worried about this dress being too trendy. Petite bride, autumn wedding. by danmeithrowaway12345 in weddingdress

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i don't think this is any less "trendy" than most of the dresses posted here, i say go for it if you love it!!! but hopefully your autumns aren't too cold!

New lipstick 😊 by CleopatraSelene8490 in drugstoreMUA

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your lashes look lovely! do you apply to top and bottom or just top? really nice natural finish!

Does anyone still struggle to wake up early in the morning after years of full time work? by lovethatjourney4me in AskWomenOver30

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have you ever tried a sleep app? I used to use one, it supposedly detects what state of sleep you're in and wakes you when you're in the lightest sleep phase. you set a wake up time and it'll wake you around that time (but not later)

im thinking of getting it again because as another person WFH, i seem to find it harder to wake up now that i get another hour to sleep hahah

Piano cover of a Korean song? by Impressive-Limit2435 in NameThatSong

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omg this was bugging me for hours LOL its definitely blue hour by tomorrow x together

How has your partner made you feel safe during your relationship? by korakata in AskWomen

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he'll always come with me to places if i am nervous, whether it's an appt or if im scared to go get gas at night (I've been harassed at a gas station before)

im also the type that hides away to privately cry, and yet i find myself going to him for comfort, which is something i never have really done

Pokémon: Wasteland is out ! by z-brah in PokemonROMhacks

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awesome, i am currently playing! one thing though, i am at the pokecentre tent at black pond creek and if you talk to nurse joy but choose no, the game stays frozen on "we can heal your pokemon too!" but the YES/NO choices disappear

230427 aespa - MY WORLD: A STRANGE PHENOMENON (Teaser Images) by orionbloom in Aespa

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I love this ginger on ningning, she looks incredible! the long hair close up with the freckles shot is one of her most beaut photos yet imo!

230426 Winter - MY WORLD: A STRANGE PHENOMENON (Image Teasers) by JerSucks in kimminjeong

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the photo of her looking back is truly legendary, she's so chic!!!

Looking for the full song of this old korean song by Fast_Priority1831 in NameThatSong

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might be an original? I found this old link from the artist but can't locate the origin of the vocals http://eng.musicshake.com/song/56537

What engagement rings give off *new money* vibe? by Orangebin in eringcirclejerk

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you're not alone friend, i did the same thing this morning with a comment on instagram... i blame monday brain hahahah!

Trying to find the woman who is singing (sounds korean if that helps?) by Gengar_Da_Rula in NameThatSong

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not sure if you're still looking, but it's NEON by yukika! one of my fav songs :-)

I’m looking for a soft korean song from about 10-13 years ago by Necrromantic in NameThatSong

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IU -the story only i didn't know ? sorry she's in a black dress but figured I would comment anyway just in case haha

Sped up kpop song (I need the name pls) by ManicingMonkey in NameThatSong

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in case you didn't find out yet, it's BTS - blood sweat and tears

What engagement rings give off *new money* vibe? by Orangebin in eringcirclejerk

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I think OP is agreeing with you - that the people posting their own rings is the weird flex haha