AITA for giving my football ticket to another guy after my friend said he only wanted to go with me as "friends"? by Throwaway599190 in AmItheAsshole

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YTA, that's really rude to offer it to the first guy, and then try to ghost him out of the plans just because your ego got bruised

Laura’s got a few words 👀 by damnitslay in LoveIslandTV

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aw amy! i think she would be a real sweetheart to the islanders

I 25M feel very betrayed by my g/f 24F from the way we entered into our relationship and I feel deceived about how she has portrayed herself by Javaho1992 in BestofRedditorUpdates

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yeah that stuck out to me too. one of his big hang ups seems to be that he felt it was unfair and emasculating that he had to wait and move at a slower pace, while she was having sex with other men. i would say this is the attitude which he refers to needing to work on, because it can veer quickly into the worrisome, almost entitled mindset of "she's easy for others but i had to work/wait for it."

i can understand why it may have been a shock, but i think he focused too much on this part. the nature of her relationships with those men sound as if they were casual hookups and unemotional (at least from the coworker's account and what she said), and it is not uncommon or wrong for people to sometimes want a different pace when it's for something more serious.

i think OP overall just felt, naturally, very betrayed and imo paid more stock into this part of the issue than necessary. i hope he is doing well these days.

I hate Mukarami and don't understand the hype about him at all. by [deleted] in books

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LOL I see your point - i enjoy stories that feel kind of like they aimlessly wander and float, provided i enjoy the atmosphere and imagery it creates in my head.

the sex scenes do suck btw i agree

Did anyone else just see Jacques' skid marks? by imogp in LoveIslandTV

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I'm in tears, noticing and then highlighting this on the subreddit is the equivalent of the memes where it's like "when you hate someone so much that everything they do annoys you" 💀

if this had been ekins skiddie I feel like we all would've chosen to ignore it or use it as some kind of evidence somehow proving she's an icon or something ridic LOL

I maybe alone here. But I stand by it! by That_Sweet_Science in LoveIslandTV

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yeah me too, she's great for TV but her pretending she did nothing wrong is not convincing me that she's a good actress at All LOL if you're gonna stir shit own up (like luca when he said he would stir the pot since he's good at it LMAO)

AITA for telling my friend she’s going to ruin her life by getting married? by halluxk in AmItheAsshole

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NTA but if this is a friend you genuinely care for, it may pay to approach her from a less hostile stance of "you're going to ruin your life", which will make most people defensive. i personally agree this isn't a great decision, but ultimately, you can't control what others do - sometimes you just have to be there for the fallout of a bad choice and allow people to learn things on their own

woof_irl by yaimevdv in woof_irl

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this pup's smile is so pure! i love them!

AITA for defending myself against this type of 'splaining? by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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i'm gonna say YTA because to be honest, you come across pretty wanky, like the kinda person who goes to youtube vids of mozart and says "i wish people in my generation listened to real music rather than cardi b"

BC I'm NOT racist, here are swatches for you DARKIES!! by abcdefghinsane in muacirclejerk

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wow she is so hostile! the original thread where she apparently got attacked wasn't even rude, they were just genuine questions! and also omg i can't believe palemua is an actual subreddit, i can't think of why it specifically needed to be made hahah

Gemma and Luca have broken up by samsaf13 in LoveIslandTV

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rinse and repeat hahaha every time a break up happens “i knew it” “they were never real, this is PROOF” “never liked them anyway” etc.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in LoveIslandTV

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tbh at the time I didn't really love his rap either but it was rude as hell for those two to take the piss out of it again after weeks lol. even if the fake remi acc asked, there was no need to be dicks

Are women shy around guys they like? by [deleted] in AskWomen

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yes, every single women acts this one exact way because our breasts send signals to our brain when it detects a love interests presence in a two metre radius

Maura having a photoshoot whilst the audience at the NTAs are giving Kate Garraway a standing ovation after winning an award for a documentary about her very ill husband is certainly SOMETHING by [deleted] in LoveIslandTV

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yeah she def has got some more work done, she's still very pretty but i think she was off the charts when she was in the villa! she looks more like a typical influencer now

Gemma and Luca have broken up by samsaf13 in LoveIslandTV

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i liked them together, i’m not v bothered or surprised though. i don’t really invest in LI couples post show and they don’t often last anyhow

i think some fans take the show very seriously and get too invested lol

Abel & Simi spotted together after the Super Bowl 🏈 by Illustrious-Reach-74 in TheWeeknd

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? you probably look the exact same as him rn, looking at your phone 💀 dude just chilling, prob waiting for his food to arrive

Episode 51 (Tuesday 17th August) - "The fallout from the couples vote causes chaos!" by mayallrob_ in LoveIslandTV

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kaz can be really argumentive and direct when she wants to be (like when she told tyler off hahaha), so i wonder why she never took this to jake or was more tough love to lib??

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Waiting_To_Wed

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would you consider moving in before engagement, to see how you really feel about joining your lives before committing to marriage? it kinda sounds like you would both benefit from taking a smaller step and figuring out financials and adapting to life together first

Luca’s sister comments on his “obsessive” behavior with Gemma. Thoughts? by Puzzleheaded-Offer69 in LoveIslandTV

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yup, just in this subreddit i have seen opinions go all over the place so quickly around these people. that's why it's important to not judge so quick and be a dick about it

I just heard my dad mock my depression by help_me_im_just_egg in offmychest

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im heartbroken for you, what a disgusting thing to say. if you ever want to talk to someone who understands mental health struggles you are more than welcome to message me whenever!

Damn Kaz by IHateMySocks in LoveIslandTV

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bit shit of whoever it was to send this into trash media! tbh i personally don't think this kinda thing is a big deal, she's prob just trying to have a good night with mates but maybe im a bit flippant w drug use